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  • Referral programs are one of the cutting-edge marketing techniques that every organization wants to adopt nowadays.

    But, why customer’s participation is important to run such programs? After all, it’s organizations that have to operate the business operations smoothly and efficiently. Well, active customer participation helps to grow their business and the customer base within no time.

    The traditional methods of increasing customers through word-of-mouth advertising have been left behind because new marketing strategies are aggressively coming forward, for example, referral marketing solutions.

    With the advent of new technologies, companies’ primary goal is to entice new customers and retain existing ones. So, apart from loyalty, referral marketing is one such program where boosting user participation is challenging.

    How customer’s participation can drive referral programs?

    Over the years, new technologies have emerged and powerful referral strategies have been drawn-out to boost customers’ participation. It is because of its cost-effective and budget friendlier nature that does not push brands to invest excessively in advertisements.

    Businesses are looking for methods to introduce long-term plans to establish a substantial user acquisition by influencing loyal buyers.

    If you’re looking to grow your business, customer participation in the referral program is the key. This will enable you to retain loyal customers and strive to reach your sales goals.

    It encourages buyers to participate in that program due to its overwhelming list of features that are irresistible to ignore.

    Here is a list of benefits associated with NextBee’s AI-driven solution that could enhance user motivation to participate in the referral program.

    Joining discounts on first purchase 

    Encouraging customers to participate in any activity is not a struggle anymore. It is more prevalent because customers usually get attracted when any enterprise brands offer discounts to them.

    So, brands can leverage the benefits of incentives to be offered to buyers for participating in any program.

    Redeemable loyalty points in the customer’s account

    An excellent strategy to elevate customer participation. It instantly triggers customer’s minds is to add loyalty points in their official wallet/ account. Brands can make this even more impressive by giving them the freedom to redeem the points. It will boost their motivation to bring about new customers.

    Allure them with a chance to win impressive rewards for bringing customers every month 

    Never before rewards had played this much role to influence people the way they perceive it these days. Rewards, directly or indirectly, encourage people to win rewards by participating in any brand activity.

    Whether it is to grab a free coupon of an e-commerce store or refer a bunch of new customers, you can encourage the buyers by enticing showcasing them with the benefits of enrolling in a referral program.

    Credit bonus upon new referral’s purchasing behavior

    Refer a friend and earn a bonus based on the shopping behavior of the referred person. How does that sound?

    With NextBee’s robust platform, organizations can design anything activity that is entirely flexible and user-centric. Such a referral solution, brands enroll their loyal customers and award them discounts, bonuses whenever their referred person does shopping through offline or online methods.

    Introduce referral engagement incentives

    What happens when brands introduce referral-based incentives for their esteemed loyal buyers?

    Incentives never go wrong when it comes to allure customers of all segments, especially enrolling loyal participants into a referral program.

    Such programs don’t come solely with a few benefits but come with a plethora of advantages to improve business performance and customer satisfaction.

    Adopting a customer-centric mindset is just as critical in B2B dealings as it is when serving retail customers, but players face unique challenges that can trip them up.


    A referral marketing program is a powerful marketing strategy that influences purchasing decisions, boosts company sales, encourages customers to drive referral campaigns with efforts to bring new buyers, and triggers periodic growth. Sounds good, right?

    However, it is not so easy as it might sound; it is because, if brands do not give something substantial to customers in return who are bringing referrals, their motivation to participate in the referral program will lose its significance.

    With the techniques mentioned above, enterprise brands can have a golden opportunity – to utilize the referral program’s advantage with NextBee’s AI-powered referral solution that has robust features to drive the campaign.

    To implement all these ideas in your business model, our marketing professionals are always ready to help you and address your queries.

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