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Build Stronger Partner Relationships With Stripe Integration

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Building new associations, strengthen partnerships with existing customers, growing business revenue are some of the major aims of any organization. Isn’t it? The question is how well you are prepared while finalizing a new deal or can say, what substantial you are offering to your existing business patrons to make them stay?

    Since we are living in the digital era where everything can be easily accessible, and competition has no bar because a lot of competitors can be easily found anywhere who are doing a similar business.

    What makes a brand unique is the approach to categorize regular business customers and acquaintances. Accordingly, the relationship with peers/ customers can be strengthened by recognizing faithful association with your brand and doing business collaboratively.

    To have compact terms with your business partners, NextBee brings an exclusive solution to build up stronger relationships between business owners and their patrons with a well-performing partner program software. The platform aims to allure special business customers who want to reinforce friendlier business pacts. The software has an integration methodology that can be integrated with the Stripe loyalty solution.


    • New Charge
    • New Customer
    • New Event
    • Canceled Subscription
    • New Coupon
    • New Invoice
    • New Invoice Item
    • New Order
    • New Plan
    • New Refund
    • List Invoice Items
    • Add New Events
    • Create New Order
    • Add Coupon
    • Charge Credit Cards
    • Add Service Plans
    • Add New Customer


    • Assign Reward Tier
    • Give Reward Points
    • Offer Rewards
    • Send New Message
    • Update Message Sequence
    • Assign Badge
    • Track Referral Sale
    • Sales Performance Leaderboards
    • Feedback & Suggestions
    • Tracked KPI’s based on Partner Roles
    • News & Updates
    • Bonus Points For Specific Products
    • Points for Post on Facebook
    • Points for Post on Twitter
    • Twitter Hashtag Tracking
    • Daily Limits on Points Promotions
    • Partner Account Tracking
    • Kudos to Partner
    • Peers Nomination of Partner Peers Polling

    To keep customers happily engaged, brands can implement rewards, incentives, offers, et cetera to give away to their business partners or alliances who are helping you in growing the profitable business together. Perhaps, you can reward them with exclusive incentives, offers, loyalty-based points for their contribution to initiating new formal agreements and deals.

    With NextBee’s partner program software, brands can design all these goodies for their esteemed patrons. Even if you already have in-house software, NextBee’s solution is completely scalable and flexible to get integrated with Stripe loyalty rewards.

    Let your partners feel valued, implement NextBee’s personalized solution in your business model, and keep them engaged with the partner program. To know more in detail about the NextBee’s partner program software and Stripe integration methodology solution, discuss your business requirements with our marketing experts.