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Why Choose NextBee For Implementing Employee Engagement Program

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • The competition in the market is increasing day-by-day, so as the business dynamics are also changing to strive for winning against the competitors. To combat business hassles, strategic planning and a defined course of action are vital elements for any business success, of course. But, employee engagement is also necessary and is one of the imperative factors that are needed to reinforce the work pace at the workplace.

    The fact is that without employees’ support, coordination, and determination to perform their respective work roles, companies cannot succeed though. In order to run business profitability, employees’ productivity matters a lot and plays a major part in the organization.

    Let’s take an instance if companies introduce different plans/ engagement programs to allure customers than why not a program can be introduced to keep employees engaged? It certainly can! Eventually, employees are the ones who work on the ground level and provide every sort of assistance to run business operations smoothly.

    To boost your employee’s productivity at the workplace, NextBee has introduced cutting-edge employee engagement software. This software solution has an amazing integration methodology that can be seamlessly integrated with any in-house and 3rd party software that your company might be using currently.

    Due to its less complexity and flexible integration model, it makes the software a;

    – A better alternative to Iconixx
    – A better alternative to Wooboard
    – A better alternative to Peakon
    – A better alternative to Achievers
    – A better alternative to Workstars

    – A better alternative to RewardGateway



    Why Is NextBee’s Employee Engagement Solution Ideal For Business Owners?

    NextBee has developed a break-through technology created by expert professionals who are having decades of experience in the field. The engagement solution helps businesses to monitor their employees’ performance and by activating several activities, it will keep them engaged throughout their assignments.

    To encourage employee performance, NextBee offers AI-driven software to help businesses to run precise analytics metrics and transparency about the employee. With the help of the solution, you can have thorough insights about employee behavior and performance. Meanwhile, here are some of the key offerings of the software such as:

    • Incentives & Rewards – Rewards are one of the major drivers to boost motivation. After all, who does not like to be rewarded and recognized? NextBee’s platform supports a plethora of integrated options where companies can design thoughtful virtual and physical rewards for the best performing employees at the workplace. It could be gift hampers, cash vouchers, virtual cash to be used in electronic form, incentives, coupons, physical gift items, and a lot more.
    • Gamification – Gamification is one of the key ideas that have attracted business owners’ interest over time. Through gamification programs, organizations can design contests, leaderboards, and friendly competition among employees. Then, the best performer/ winner can be awarded special rewards and incentives. This will keep employees engaged throughout interesting and fun-filled activities. Such smaller activities boost up their motivational levels and make them enthusiastic to perform at the workplace.
    • Dedicated Backend Support – Although, our engagement solution does not have glitches that can become bothersome. But, at some point, if it happens, our NextBee team is always active and stays standby to assist our esteemed clientele. Our team of account managers, market specialists, product technicians, and other key role-driven team members are reachable any time you face trouble in the software.

    With all the above-mentioned list of rich features, choosing NextBee’s Employee Engagement Solution over other solutions is the ultimate choice. NextBee has attention-grabbing features that are better than other traditional engagement solutions available in the market such as Iconixx, Wooboard, Peakon, Achievers, Workstars, RewardGateway, et cetera.

    NextBee help all-sized companies to launch smart employee engagement programs to enhance employee productivity and increase business ROI. Feel free to contact us for an in-detailed discussion regarding employee engagement and recognition software. We are happy to help you!