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Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Loyalty neither comes for free nor be gained with just a simple smile on a face. Most of the brand stores usually think they can gain customer’s loyalty by offering them a free pouch on a certain amount of shopping, a deal on a festival, or just by greeting them nicely. However, these are just a piece of old traditional marketing programs.

    Certainly, you cannot be rude or behave arrogantly to somebody arriving at the store. Smiling and assisting the customer is a part of the job. What makes a brand different from others is dealing with regular shoppers to make them feel satisfied and assured that they are in the right place.

    Nowadays, the trend has been changed so as to deal with the customer. Buyers are not small toddlers whom you can give a piece of chocolate after they have done tons of shopping from your store. To keep them happily engaged in the buying process, making their buying journey should be full of fun-filled exciting activities. With the help of incentives, you can instill a keenness in the customer to shop from your brand over and again.

    Incentives do not fade away from the buyer’s mind because every customer wants to stay with a brand who takes care of their needs personally without making them feel just an ‘outsider’. To help you design stunning incentives for your loyal customers, NextBee offers a specialized incentive program software that can make your buyers into regular loyal customers.


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    Brands can achieve set business goals with NextBee’s well-planned solution that offers impressive features with the flexibility to get the platform fully customized based on business requirements.

    Integrate the incentives program software with Zoho customer loyalty and earn profitable margins by indirectly convincing customers to shop more than ever. And what better it could be to gain their trust other than offering them incentives to encourage their regular purchasing habits.

    You can also align your in-house software with NextBee’s solution and it can also be integrated with the Zoho loyalty solution.