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Enhance Customer Base With Quickbooks Buyer Program

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Did you ever notice why customers start to go to another brand that was once coming to you? Well, the answer is clear and precise that due to a lack of awareness of customer’s preferences and for not making them feel special. Customer retention is not that easy how it might be looking from a far-off distance.

    A lot of good efforts and commitment is required to be done by marketers to design a program like loyalty but not exactly a ‘loyalty program’. The reason is loyalty program is exclusively for loyal customers. Henceforth, with a buyer’s program, you can make your buyers addicted to your brand’s products/ services who are normally doing average buying and not so frequent in the buying process.

    For such buyers, bonuses, coupons, incentives, deals work majestically and indirectly evoke them to come back to the brand over and again. To let brands design such lucrative rewards for average buying shoppers, NextBee provides a well-designed buyers program loyalty software that has the potential to attract buyers.

    The platform has a very marvelous integration methodology that runs the platform on any third-party software as well. Brands can integrate the solution with Quickbook’s loyalty system and make it a worthwhile deal for you and your regular buyers.


    • New Account
    • New Customer
    • New Estimate
    • New Invoice
    • New Sales Receipt
    • New Payment
    • New Vendor
    • New Bill
    • New Expense
    • New Invoice
    • New Purchase Order
    • New Sales Receipt
    • Updated Customer


    • Track Purchase
    • Assign Reward Tier
    • Update Segment
    • Give Reward Points
    • Offer Rewards
    • Schedule New Offer
    • Request Feedback
    • Assign Badge
    • Track Referral Sale
    • Bonus Points For Specific Products
    • Gamification
    • Bonus & Coupons

    The buyer’s program is exclusively been created to make the brand’s average buying shoppers into regular purchasers. With the aim to let shoppers have the most unique buying experience, incorporate NextBee’s buyer program software solution in your business model.

    The platform is customizable, scalable, and has peculiar features so that brands can have the flexibility to get the features adjusted according to their special business requirements.

    To get an in-detailed piece of information about the software solution, contact our sales experts. They can help you with the best possible solution that is apt for your business.

    Feel free to discuss your business requirements anytime with us.