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Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • If your business connections are not progressing even after making timeless efforts and resistant to give you the desired results, then you must think about restructuring the business model. In such cases, many marketers take deep thought to initiate a well-planned partner’s program to allure the business associates and progress the business empire.

    A partner’s program is one marvelous marketing strategy to pace up the business with co-partners, alliances, et cetera. It is one of the considerable tactics to grace the business associations with ethics on the way to progression. It is mostly recognized when business owners seek to attain success with a progressive ongoing channel i.e. with partners and business associations.

    A partner program is not just another piece of cake that will get into your plate effortlessly especially in the B2B business zone. It takes a consistent line of effort to be put up by your brand to acquire other company’s trust. A company must be willing to do everything to propose the deals, make a friendlier rewarding system over business agreements, keep business customers happily engaged, and a lot more.

    However, to help brands to design effective deals and offers for their partners, NextBee is one of the leading solution providers for most of the B2B companies. It offers a delightful partner program software solution wherein brands can design rewards to mark a point of starting an engaging professional association.

    The platform has the most stunning methodology to get integrated with Hubspot’s loyalty solution for better business dealing associations with co-partners.


    • New Form Submission
    • New Company
    • New Deal
    • New Email Event
    • Email Subscriptions Timeline
    • New Engagement
    • New Calendar Task
    • New Contact in List
    • New Contact
    • New COS Blog Article
    • New Deal in Stage
    • New Social Media Message
    • New Ticket
    • New Contact Property Change
    • New Deal Property Change
    • New Ticket Property Change


    • Assign Reward Tier
    • Give Reward Points
    • Offer Rewards
    • Send New Message
    • Update Message Sequence
    • Assign Badge
    • Track Referral Sale
    • Sales Performance Leaderboards
    • Feedback & Suggestions
    • Tracked KPI’s based on Partner Roles
    • News & Updates
    • Bonus Points For Specific Products
    • Points for Post on Facebook
    • Points for Post on Twitter
    • Twitter Hashtag Tracking
    • Daily Limits on Points Promotions
    • Partner Account Tracking
    • Kudos to Partner
    • Peers Nomination of Partner Peers Polling

    The partner program requires a bit more engagement because it is slightly different from other programs and your partners/ alliances would only deal with your company if they get the value for their investment.

    However, to allure your business connections, you can incentivize them with rewards, special discounts on certain pacts, amazing deals aligned with few services/ products, et cetera. To let this business flow goes smoothly, NextBee offers an engaging partner program software where brands can make decide rewards strategies to allure business partners.

    Many leading brands across the industries have implemented NextBee’s partner program software because the software has an overwhelming list of impressive features that have the potential to make the partners repeat the business with your brand. Brands can also go for its integration methodology as it gives a boost to increase sales growth exponentially with the Hubspot partner program.

    To have more information on the sales partner program integration with Hubspot B2B loyalty program, contact our experts, and get the best solution for your business.