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Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • As the sharp advent in designing effective marketing strategies took place in several industries and establishments, sales are the foremost thing that has been affected due to multiple reasons. Since competitors are swiftly taking high rise with marketing programs, buyers eagerly move onto them to have a check on products/ services of their choice.

    Business owners seek a well-structured and incredible business-oriented software to shun the prevailing competition. Amidst all the ongoing race to win customer’s trust, a rewards program strategy is one of the workable tactics to enhance sales growth and retain customers.

    Rewards programs act as saviors for many enterprises who seek growth in sales and at the same time, do not want to lose their existing customers any cost. If the rewards strategy is implemented in the right way, customers will not leave their present shopping brand be it anything.

    When a customer’s loyalty is rewarded with unpredictable surprises, they naturally would not leave the brand. To amplify the sales growth, surprise them with special deals, offers on their special days or festivities, rewards on doing maximum shopping in the month, et cetera. In return, they will buy more frequently and stick to one particular brand always.

    With NextBee’s rewards software, brands can outline a well-structured program that can inspire loyal customers to make purchases even faster than before. NextBee has helped many start-ups, small & medium-sized enterprises, and large organizations to achieve their sales goals by integrating the NextBee’s platform with Magento loyalty solution.


    • Getting New Order
    • Update Line Items
    • Getting New Sales Order
    • Create New Product
    • Getting Order Shipment
    • Create New Customer
    • Getting Sales order Credit
    • Invoicing


    • Assign Reward Tier
    • Log Activity
    • Update Segment
    • Give Reward Points
    • Offer Rewards
    • Send Kudos
    • Send New Message
    • Update Message Sequence
    • Request Feedback
    • Assign a New Task
    • Track Sales Performance
    • Track KPIs

    To let shoppers have enough trust in the brand, profit-driven marketing strategies such as rewards programs give customers an ample reason to stay loyal to the brand.

    Brands can design lucrative rewards and incentives for loyal customers with NextBee’s loyalty rewards software. The solution has robust features and completely scalable to keep the interest intact in the brand’s products or services. The software is 100% customizable to be integrated with the Magento CRM and loyalty solution.

    To know more about the integration process and rewards program software, feel free to reach out to our sales experts, and discuss your business requirements.