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  • The employees are considered to be the most valued asset for a business since they are an essential resource who helps an organization to operate smoothly. And nowadays, employers are well aware of this fact.

    Businesses try several ways to appreciate the efforts that employees put in. In a way, these gestures encourage your workforce to perform well and enhance productivity.

    Thus, for each running business, a well-structured engagement platform is necessary to uplift the morale of the workforce; thereby achieving the desired business goals with their help.

    And to do that, you must consider implementing NextBee’s Employee Recognition Platform. The employee engagement platform by NextBee creates a 360-degree positive impact on the work environment with:

    • Faster Onboarding
    • Peer Coordination
    • Increase in Productivity
    • Boost in Referral Activity

    With all these good aspects, we would recommend you to;
    – Use NextBee Recognition Program as RewardGateway alternative
    – Use NextBee Recognition Program as Achievers alternative
    – Use NextBee Recognition Program as Glint alternative
    – Use NextBee Recognition Program as Workstars alternative
    – Use NextBee Recognition Program as Peakon alternative


    NextBee has worked tirelessly in developing this state-of-the-art platform that can be seamlessly integrated with your in-house systems creating an exciting experience for your employees while generating better ROI for your company. Here are some of the key offerings:

    • It fosters transparency and accountability for teams to increase employee satisfaction, improve retention and drive higher performance levels.
    • By using gamification and personalized incentives, you can drive ROI producing activities transforming teams & your company.
    • Gain a deeper understanding of your employees; the platform provides insights into what drives their behavior and what they are likely to do next.

    Let’s explore NextBee’s Employee Recognition Software in a more detailed manner.

    Dynamic RewardsRobust Rewards Platform supports almost any kind of reward – cash, incentives, coupons, gift cards, physical items. Excellent Rewards Fulfillment delivers rewards almost instantly

    Employee Referrals – Empowers the employees so that they can refer recruits to your brand.

    Gamification Leaderboards to develop friendly competition among employees and raise performances. Make the best use of employee gamification to take your program to the next level with interesting and fun activities.

    Attendance Bonuses – Awards redeemable bonus points for perfect attendance during a particular set of time. 

    Contests – Smart tools to build Contests and Sweepstakes. Plan employee contests easily to award your top performers. 

    Tracking Mechanism – Intelligent Analytics tracks every program activity and offers detailed reports. You will have access to detailed insights into sign-ups, sharing, clicks, conversions, email open rates, reward choices, etc. 

    Flexible Solution – Easy and quick Program Integration with nearly any 3rd part software solution. In fact, the solution also offers 100% customization on the features to fit your business requirements.

    Going through the aforementioned items, you might have convinced by now, that NextBee is;
    – A better alternative to RewardGateway
    – A better alternative to Achievers
    – A better alternative to Glint
    – A better alternative to Workstars
    – A better alternative to Peakon

    NextBee designs Employee Rewards and Recognition Program with every feature that is necessary for businesses of all sizes to boost their employees’ productivity and morale. The solution is data-driven, fun to use, and ready to launch.

    We, at NextBee, help companies to incorporate smart strategies for employee engagement for garnering stronger and more profitable outcomes. To know more about the NextBee Employee Recognition platform, feel free to contact us.

Align Your Company, Your Teams, And Your Individual Employees To Foster A Company Culture Rooted In Success.



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