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  • As a business owner, you always find various avenues to attract new customers. Such marketing endeavors can incur costs because; acquiring a new customer is generally six to seven times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

    However, you can still yield substantial results with a cost-effective strategy, and that is by incorporating a referral program. You just need to tap into your existing customers and encourage them to refer your brand for rewards.

    Customer retention and acquisition are important for a business to generate more revenue. Combining both of these into one marketing campaign will be beneficial for your business. And, with this, you can achieve the desired goal of acquiring new customers.

    NextBee’s Customer Referral Program is certainly the best option available in the market. With a proven track record of helping leading brands achieving their referral goals, you can certainly rely on the software, as;

    – NextBee Referral Solution is a credible alternative to Extole

    – NextBee Referral Solution is a credible alternative to GetAmbassador

    – NextBee Referral Solution is a credible alternative to Amplifinity

    – NextBee Referral Solution is a credible alternative to ReferralRock

    – NextBee Referral Solution is a credible alternative to SaaSquatch

    – NextBee Referral Solution is a credible alternative to ReferralCandy



    Over the years, NextBee’s customer referral program is successfully running at various companies; this is because of the high-end features and functionalities that are embedded in the solution. Let’s explore some of the hallmark aspects of NextBee Customer Referral Solution

    100% Engaging Experience – NextBee’s Referral Program accelerates referral generation from customers by providing an overall experience that goes beyond the transaction. Customers are made to feel appreciated as they are seamlessly guided and encouraged to complete more referral generating activities.

    Incentives and Gamification – Everyone desires feedback, achievement, and rewards. Drive more customer referrals by using gamification and personalized incentives that will grow and transform your company with NextBee’s Customer Referral Solution.

    Insights and Analytics – Gaining a deeper understanding of your customers, including insights into what drives their behavior and what they are likely to do next, is at the heart of any effective customer referral & engagement program. Combining your sales data into our reliable turnkey referral solution means you’ll have custom-tailored reports that provide clear and intuitive ways to boost customer referrals.

    Dynamic Rewards Program – NextBee’s Referral program focuses on establishing a memorable and emotional connection with the customers. This approach makes the program more dynamic and successful. One of the greatest qualities of NextBee referrals is that we do NOT claim any commission on Rewards.

    Robust and Scalable Platform –NextBee offers 100% customization to automate and streamline the required business process. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with an inhouse or 3rd party software, Emailing platforms, and social channels.  Should you wish to Integrate NextBee’s Referral Solution, you can certainly do that along with tailor-making any other features.

    So to speak, NextBee offers a platform that is scalable to any extent. Thus, if your existing customer referral solution could not match up to your business requirements or expectation, you can consider implementing,

    – NextBee Referral Program as Extole alternative

    – NextBee Referral Solution as GetAmbassador alternative

    – NextBee Referral Solution as Amplifinity alternative

    – NextBee Referral Solution as ReferralRock alternative

    – NextBee Referral Solution as SaaSquatch alternative

    – NextBee Referral Solution as ReferralCandy alternative

    With the help of Nextbee, it has become easy to implement a successful customer referral software for your business. We are always there at your service. Feel free to get in touch and we would love to showcase our solution. 

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