Best Alternative To Tiered Loyalty Programs
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  • What makes a customer truly loyal towards a brand?

    According to marketing research, the key lies not only in offering sales and discounts but also in customer satisfaction and long-term engagement. Considering your products and services are up to the mark and your customers are satisfied with it, you will certainly win their trust and in return, they would transform into being your loyal customers.

    There are several Loyalty Solution Providers focused on Tiered Program but somehow misses to catch this underlying notion of how to retain the customers. Those tiered programs could not match up to the expectation of the businesses and thereby turns to be a failure rather than success.  

    Thus, it is recommended to implement a solution that will have a 360-degree positive impact on your business with its robust tiered program mechanism based on Machine Learning and dynamic reward features.

    And for that, the best option would be NextBee’s Tiered Loyalty Program, which is,

    – The Best Alternative to RepeatRewards
    – The Best Alternative to LoopyLoyalty
    – The Best Alternative to Loyappty
    – The Best Alternative to BrandMovers


    Tiered loyalty is a type of membership program where customers receive certain privileges related to perks and benefits depending on their rank. With an in-depth knowledge of how to achieve business objectives through loyalty functionality, NextBee presents these essential features:

    Data-Driven Analysis – Ability to track online and offline activities for proper analysis thus eliminating reward assumptions.

    Customized Branded Dashboard – A customized dashboard that always gives a holistic view of engagement options, and real-time updates.

    Multi-Touch Point Access – Multiple engagements point with users including Current Website, Mobile, Email, and Social.

    Commensurate Incentives – Eliminating users’ turnover by offering tangible incentives that are proportionate to their engagement. 

    Seamless Onboarding – Strategic Onboarding Plan including bonus points to new users as jump-start and encourage the subsequent involvement of existing users.

    Tiered Rewards – Availability to unlock hierarchies and attain exclusive levels.

    Few More Useful Features:

    • Engaging Customer Experience – Build loyalty and drive brand advocacy; can easily be integrated with email and social media allowing customers to quickly spread the word about their great customer experience
    • Instant Notification System – Email, SMS, Mobile App push notifications
    • Gamification – Uses gamification, loyalty invoking activities, & personalized incentives to transform your company
    • Admin Panel – Robust Admin Dashboard with rich data analytics and dedicated data analyst support offering program modeling, hypothesis testing, and ongoing optimization

    With 24×7 USA based support, and proven track record of serving top brands – NextBee is way ahead of its competitors, and thus, it would be apt to say that,

    – NextBee Tiered Loyalty Solution is the Best RepeatRewards Alternative
    – NextBee Tiered Loyalty Solution is the Best LoopyLoyalty Alternative
    – NextBee Tiered Loyalty Solution is the Best Loyappty Alternative
    – NextBee Tiered Loyalty Solution is the Best BrandMovers Alternative

    To know more about NextBee Loyalty Program Software, feel free to get in touch with us. We would love to present an online demo and have discovery sessions to better understand your requirements.

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