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  • As Steve Jobs says, “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”

    To make that happen you need to win the trust of your customers. And, how would you do that?

    By offering awesome product/service, and also by implementing a loyalty solution that is:
    – A Better Alternative to Paytronix
    – A Better Alternative to FiveStars
    – A Better Alternative to CapillaryTech
    – A Better Alternative to RepeatRewards

    Various surveys have found that almost 80% of shoppers buy from the same brand if it has a loyalty program in place. The loyalty program is often regarded as the most successful customer engagement tool. The reason being – it follows innovative ways to engage with the customers; as a result of which the companies enjoy repeat purchases from them leading to revenue maximization.

    Thus, to help companies get larger benefits, Nextbee creates robust Loyalty Software powered by Machine Learning.

    Why NextBee is ahead of competitors in building Customer Loyalty Solutions?

    NextBee follows a methodical approach in formulating marketing objectives – its AI-powered personalization technique helps to manage loyalty campaigns based on the findings of useful customer data. While doing that, it ensures that every business meets its objectives and manages to retain consumers.

    So, if you are using traditional loyalty solutions like Paytronix, FiveStars, CapillaryTech, or RepeatRewards, you can certainly switch to NextBee’s Loyalty Software as a credible alternative.

    Customer Retention, Reward Program, Gamification, AI-Powered Personalization – Manage Everything and Launch a Customer Loyalty Program with NextBee

    NextBee is a leading provider of Loyalty Solution with advanced features and functionality useful for every business. The software certainly acts as an Alternative to many Traditional Loyalty Solutions as it has a proven record of being an effective platform for customer engagement and has helped top brands to implement a well-structured and successful program.

    Some of the Best Features of NextBee Loyalty Solution (CX360)

    Personalization Through AI Engine – NextBee utilizes Machine Learning Attribution Modeling, a system that gathers historical data from the engagement efforts to create rules – these rules assign conversion credit to each of your program’s touch points allowing you to analyze the data quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

    Dynamic Rewards and Gamification – NextBee offers the utmost flexibility in reward choices; the rewards are driven by data and not revenue. Also, we never charge any reward commissions. his turnkey technology also allows you to use tested gamification modules such as Kudos, Badges, and Leaderboards to leverage the motivations and desires that exist in every customer.

    Effective Customer Engagement Module – CX360 by NextBee fosters loyalty for customers by providing an overall experience. Customers are made to feel appreciated as they are seamlessly guided and encouraged to complete more ROI generating activities – the solution automatically promotes customer involvement, interaction and builds community.

    Scalable Platform – Every business has its own set of requirements based on the operational model. To adapt to the system, NextBee offers 100% customization on the features – to automate and streamline the required business process. Thus, should you wish to tailor-make any feature, you can certainly do that.

    Seamless Integration – NextBee platform can be easily integrated with any of your existing software – be it CRM & Sales Integration, or POS Software Integration, or ESP Software Integration, or Website. Based on the requirement the solution can be modified. 

    The essential elements of NextBee‘s Customer Loyalty Software are discussed so far. However, there are many more useful features and functionality embedded in the solution. Should you want to explore more about NextBee Loyalty Platform, let’s walk through, and,

    – Start using NextBee Loyalty as Paytronix alternative
    – Start using NextBee Loyalty as FiveStars alternative
    – Start using NextBee Loyalty as CapillaryTech alternative
    – Start using NextBee Loyalty as RepeatRewards alternative



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