Alternative To Point Based Loyalty Solutions
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  • In a world where approximately 62% of a company’s business generates from existing customers, the need for implementing a robust Loyalty Solution is paramount. 

    Time and again, survey reports have showcased that around 65% of the customers stay loyal to the brand that provides satisfactory products and services. And, as a top-up, a well-structured loyalty program even acts as a catalyst to further boost the process.

    Entrepreneurs are somewhat aware of the positive aspects of a Loyalty Program. However, oftentimes, without profound research on the pros and cons, many of them rush to incorporate basic Loyalty Solutions with the hope to retain the customers, by offering reward points and other benefits.

    But, in most cases, these solutions fail to meet business expectations in regards to revenue generation and nurturing the customers.

    At this juncture, NextBee steps in with an AI-powered Customer Engagement Platform (CX360 – Loyalty Management Software) – a platform you can rely on.

    Now, let’s see how a traditional and basic point-based loyalty solution can act as a hindrance to your growth:

    • Consistency of running the program gets affected and sometimes the users might lose track of the outstanding points
    • Ongoing investments are required for program success; exceeds the budget many a time, and the whole process might seem expensive

    Thus, it is advisable to use a Machine Learning based Loyalty Program that will impose a 360-degree positive impact on your business. And the best option available is NextBee‘s Loyalty Software, which is:
    – A reliable alternative to LoyaltyPrime
    – A reliable alternative to Punchh
    – A reliable alternative to SaaSquatch
    – A reliable alternative to AnnexCloud


    Let’s take a glance at some of the Hallmark Features of NextBee Loyalty and Reward Solution:

    • Engaging Customer Experience – Build loyalty and drive brand advocacy; can easily be integrated with email and social media, allows customers to quickly spread the word about their great customer experience; automatically promotes customer involvement, interaction and builds community
    • Incentive and Gamification – Uses gamification, loyalty invoking activities, & personalized incentives to transform your company; boost revenue growth & accelerates repeat purchases
    • Admin Panel – Robust Admin Dashboard with rich data analytics and dedicated data analyst support offering program modeling, hypothesis testing, and ongoing optimization
    • Personalization based on Machine Learning – Machine Learning based personalization provides a more scalable and accurate way to provide unique experiences to the individual users AI-powered engine utilizes algorithms in order to deliver unique customer experiences, typically in the form of recommendations for products or services.
    • Dynamic Rewards ProgramNextBee does NOT claim any commission on Rewards; it looks beyond points or discounts and focuses on establishing a memorable and emotional connection to the user. All rewards are driven by an AI-powered loyalty engine.
    • Instant Notification Engine – Email, SMS, Mobile App push notifications
    • Robust Tracking Technology – Real-time Data; Profound Buyer Insights; Unique User Experiences


    The benefits of using NextBee’s Loyalty Solution still continues with the following add ons:

    • Scalable PlatformNextBee offers 100% customizable option to automate and streamline the required business process
    • Seamless IntegrationNextBee Solution can be fully integrated with any 3rd part software with complete data migration and business process automation. Also, should you wish to tailor-make any feature, you can certainly do that.
    • Support and Management –  NextBee has a dedicated support team based in the USA which includes – account manager, product manager, customer success manager, data analyst, and creative team members.
    • Proven Track Record – We work with brands such as Zoom, Vonage, Netflix, American Eagle among many others to drive customer engagement and have launched some amazing tools to help organizations build a strong community of customers.

    Thus, if you are looking for a proven Customer Engagement Software, you can confidently switch to:

    – NextBee Loyalty Program as LoyaltyPrime alternative
    – NextBee Loyalty Program as Punchh alternative
    – NextBee Loyalty Program as SaaSquatch alternative
    – NextBee Loyalty Program as AnnexCloud alternative

    We would like to showcase how NextBee Loyalty Solution works to your advantage and also understand your requirements. Let’s connect!

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