5 Myths Related to CoronaVirus
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  • The year 2020 has witnessed a state of panic and worrisome around the globe in the wake of coronavirus or covid-19. As more than 7,000 people have been reported to have died due to this unpredictable disease that has grounded its home, governments are taking various steps to curb down their effects on humans. 

    Simultaneously, it has worsened the impact of the disease on the businesses and to the supply trade industry. Employers are allowing their workforce to take up the work remotely and those who have been infected are being given paid sick leave holidays till the time they do get back in a healthy state. 

    However, amidst all this panicky situation, some myths regarding the covid-19 are doing the rounds all over the world. People are broadcasting different solutions and some are just disseminating the rumors to give it a hype of no cause. 

    Well, we have listed a few of the myths vs. facts related to coronavirus and you must pay heed to these immediately. 

    • Corona vaccine is accessible 

    Several newspapers and commercials are reporting that many countries are in the race to develop the first vaccine to cure the disease and protect the infected people. 

    Fact- No vaccine has been developed and even the trials are failing one after one. Scientists and researchers are facing challenges because they do not know the root cause of this virus so far.

    • Travel restrictions can alleviate the effects of the virus

    Almost every country is taking the best possible steps to reduce virus transmission such as banning people coming from other countries, stopping human movements across the cities, et cetera. 

    Fact- When a virus has been transmitted in the country from a specific person, it can only be curbed down by isolating that one infected person. When the infected person will come in contact with others, they will obviously catch the disease. 

    • Affects only old-aged people 

    A very strong myth is doing the rounds in every country that coronavirus is showing more negative impact only on old-aged people and due to their low immunity old people are dying.

    Fact- The effect of coronavirus is so lethal and dangerous that it has the potential to catch anybody irrespective of their age and youthful stage. A recent case in South India came up with having a confirmed case of covid-19 to a 3-year old girl.

    • Protect by eating home-made ingredients

    Many religious and home-made remedies are also doing the rounds on social media and people are feeling good that they can be saved by eating onion, a mixture of garlic juice or something related to the substances easily found at home.

    Fact- We usually eat healthy food containing vegetables, fruits and cooked veggies that contain garlic, onion, turmeric, other essential spices et cetera, if it is the case then more than 7,000 people would not have died with this disease. 

    • Masks will protect healthy people

    Everybody is being suggested to wear surgical masks and is advised to wash hands often, and use sanitizers et cetera. Majorly masks will prevent us from coming into the trap of covid-19.

    Fact- Surgical masks are mainly advised for health workers and doctors in a hospital. Healthy people do not need to wear masks all the time even at home. 

    For instance, if a healthy person has worn the mask and even will touch any of the droplets of the infection, and by chance twiddle the same hand onto his/ her eyes, neck or on the face – it will certainly become a positive case. 

    It is quite natural that whenever any disease or natural shortcomings come, several myths also come along as people tend to place their opinions on whether or not it shall be effective for the entire humankind. Hence, we advise people to get the latest information with an Employee Preparedness and Coordination Solution to follow the right practices that are good for employees’ health. 

    To know more about the Ready for Corona platform (software application), feel free to call us today. We would be glad to give an online demo for an in-depth understanding of how the solution works for businesses. 

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