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Valuable Suggestions For The Employers To Take Care Of The Employees During Coronavirus Emergency

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Coronavirus or say Covid-19, has topped the highlights globally as the mortality rate has jumped to 4,634 and more than 126,380 cases of infected individuals have come into the spotlight. The deadly coronavirus outbreak has alarmed everyone across the globe with its lethal symptoms of flu catching the persons having low immunity and spreading from air-born diseases.  

    It has become one of the major concerns for nations worldwide as all industries are getting hampered from covid-19 and facing major financial losses in the business and losing its employees as they are constantly falling sick by coming into the trap of covid-19 disease.  

    As the issue of covid-19 is emerging and the severity occurring from this pandemic outbreak is rapidly blocking the supply chain of import-export of products and therefore, employers are becoming conscious of how to take good care of their employees during this moment of a global health emergency.  

     Employers must adopt preventive measures to deal with such troublesome situations to prevent it from spreading to others.   

    Encourage sick employees to stay home:

    • Sick employees should not be forced to come to work premises as it could enhance the chances of getting others caught in this trap 
    • Even if the family member of any employee is sick, let your employee be at home because chances are they would get the flu or illness symptoms along with them to the workplace  
    • Employees who constantly coughing for days or has cold shows symptoms of respiratory problems et cetera should be immediately separated from other employees or should be sent home immediately 

    Initiate the ‘work from home’ policy 

    • Employees who seem to be fallen sick for any reason should be asked to take rest at home or perhaps, can work from home for a few days 
    • Make your company’s sick leave policies flexible and let employees rest assured that the leaves would not be deducted from their pay 
    • Ask your employees to regularly clean their desktop, laptop, and other usable objects quite often so that no dust or fluid is present for a long time

    Encourage employees to seek medical advice 

    • Moreover, if any of the employees does not show progress in their heal improvement, encourage them to seek medical advice immediately
    • Else, you can conduct their medical check-ups at reasonable fees by taking a business health policy pertaining to the medical needs of any employee

    All the organizations today are dealing with employees’ health loss and financial loss in their business and looking for the best ways to alleviate the spread of such an acute health complication arisen from covid-19.  

    To make the advice useful for employees, you can incorporate an Employee Preparedness and Coordination Solution that focuses on helping organizations to tackle this situation. This allows companies to share information where every employee and customer of your organization can access all coronavirus related news in one place. 

    The platform, Ready For Corona, focuses on educating customers and employees regarding the best prevention practices available for covid-19 and providing safe workplace behavior. Companies can also drive engagement through reward programs, badges and offering donation credits for employees to finish checklists to prevent the virus from spreading at the workplace and for staying informed about evolving outbreak and to follow important safety instructions. 

    To know more about the prevention and practices to follow, contact us today.