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Important Questions Employers Want to Ask to Safeguard the Workplace from Getting Affected by Novel-Coronavirus

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Several countries across the world are experiencing the outbreaks of respiratory illness and mild to high fever (COVID-19) caused by a novel coronavirus (SARS CoV-2). The number of cases detected in the United States and many other countries is growing substantially.

    The virus is found in animals (especially mammals) and gets transmitted to a human. Once humans got affected by the virus, it is now spreading rapidly from person-to-person. The infection is proved to be fatal as it has caused death to over 4000 people and no proper medication is invented as of now (12 March 2020). 

    Coronavirus has even hit the corporate workplaces which is worrisome for the Employers or Entrepreneurs. Amid this situation, they are confused over how to tackle the infection from being spread and safeguard the employees from being affected. 

    Here are some questions that will help the employers to get clarification on the coronavirus outbreak and how to prevent it from being transmitted to other employees in the workplace

    1) What is Coronavirus?

    Coronaviruses (officially known as SARS CoV-2) are a large family of viruses that usually cause respiratory illnesses and the common cold. Some coronaviruses have also caused lethal illness, such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). SARS-CoV-2 is a new coronavirus that is responsible for COVID-19 which was not identified in humans before December 2019.

    2) What are the common symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19)?

    Most people who got infected by the virus experience illness, but it can be more severe in terms of getting acute respiratory syndrome, high fever, and failure of organs, and thereby causing death. It generally takes 2 to 14 days after a person gets the virus in their body to become ill. The novel coronavirus is new and not been detected in human earlier, and each day passes by, we are learning more about symptoms and how long it takes for people to become sick.

    3) How can the virus spread in the workplace?

    Like many other viruses, it is believed to have started in animals and then spread to humans. And now, with human contacts that got affected by the virus, it is spreading to other people as well. Most often, it is spread when an infected person sprays infected droplets through cough or sneeze. These droplets might land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby to the infected person.

    Maintaining proper hygiene in the workplace is the key to stay away from the virus. Cleaning of the gadgets, and using sanitizer is advised to keep the workplace germ-free. For instance, if a person didn’t wash their hands after touching a contaminated surface, it can increase the chance of the virus being spread.

    4) Who should seek medical help for COVID-19?

    Staff, employees, or subcontracted individuals who are suspected to have common symptoms like that of Covid19 must seek medical help. Here are some of the cases during which corporate professionals must take medical assistance: Ill with a fever, cough, having respiratory problems, or have traveled from an affected area in the last 14 days

    5) What should employers do when they suspect a staff member or employee is at risk for COVID-19?

    If a staff member, employee, corporate professional or administrative personnel gets infected with Covid-19, it is advised to place them in a private room away from humans and ask them to wear a face mask. Also, notify Healthcare Department (Government) immediately for further medical help and guidance.

    6) How employers or entrepreneurs can prepare for COVID-19 at the workplace? 

    Employers – let’s be aware of the Coronavirus as it can spread at the workplace – so that you can take necessary measures to prevent further outbreak of the disease. All employers need to consider how best to decrease the spread of the disease and minimize the impact of COVID-19 in their workplace as it is almost on the brink of an outbreak in the US. 

    Also, it is important to do the following as precautionary measures in the workplace:

    •  Regularly and thoroughly clean the workplace environment and electronic gadgets like – laptop, computer, phone, etc.
    •  During this vulnerable situation, the Employers should allow sick leaves to the employees – especially to those who might have initial symptoms of coronavirus.
    •  Any employees having fever, cough or difficulty breathing, set an immediate appointment with Doctors to take medical help at the earliest. 

    7) What Strategies Employers / Entrepreneurs can adopt to prevent COVID-19 illness at the workplace? 

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