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How To Create Coronavirus Prevention Checklists And Ensure Your Employees Follow Them

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • The year 2020 has witnessed a destructive pandemic coronavirus outbreak that has left everybody in a state of panic and anxiety. While the health experts and researchers are experimenting and learning to find the cure for this fatal covid-19 disease, certain preventive measures can be observed by citizens. 

    To observe the safeguard measures has become more vital because coronavirus is severely affecting the organizations and nations resulting in a loss in business, loss in economic revenue, individuals are dying, facing challenges for travel due to entry restrictions in other countries, workplaces are temporarily shutting down, disrupted the supply chain and import-export et cetera.  

    Amidst all this panicky situation, employers are more conscious to protect their employees as companies face losses on both sides – due to sick employees and supply chain shut down. Either thing can be sorted if employers create a concrete outline to take preventive steps to tackle this outbreak at work and to ensure those steps are seriously followed by the employees.    

    Here are some basic measures employers may implement and monitor they are being strictly followed by its entire workforce. 

    • Every day conduct quick meeting sessions with the managers

    Once entered the workplace, conduct a concise and brief meeting with the managers of each department taking feedback on every initiative step taken by the employer. 

    Managers should maintain direct contact with its executives, junior level staff and young managers to coordinate and find they are following the rules regarding coronavirus. There should be no communication gap sustained between the employee and the employer. 

    • Focus on ensuring food hygiene

    Naturally, all the staff members have lunch or mid-day snacks together when on a break. It is quite noticeable that they are eating fresh fruits, vegetables and is not eating non-vegetarian (seafood) et cetera. It is better to take precautions than never. 

    • Avoid non-essential travels 

    Avoid gathering in casual business meets, and do not ask your employees to travel unless it is very urgent. 

    For having meetings with your clients in other regions, you can always do that with the help of an online virtual meeting room wherein you can seamlessly interact with your remote working employees, customers, and contractors et cetera. 

    • Put checklist on every employees’ desk 

    Make a detailed checklist of various pointers as a ‘to do’ list on every employees’ desk and ask them to tick mark the checklist before and after leaving the work premises. This could include frequent hand-washing, clean desk area, carrying face masks, sanitizers, fresh food, access to purified water et cetera. 

    With the help of a checklist, you can identify whether the employees are following the set rules or not. 

    • Place a checklist in the restrooms 

    Most of the infections arise from the restrooms which are being used by several employees with the frequent visits they make to it. 

    You can ask Human Resource team to keep a rigorous check on it and let them monitor it strictly whether the housekeeping department is properly functioning and performing duties as assigned such as hand soap liquid distiller refilling, placing of tissues, mopping the floor every one hour, cleaning the washbasins and restrooms et cetera.

    With these prevention checklist measures, employers could closely monitor the involved risk assessment of coronavirus outbreak at the workplace, and by implementing these steps, the risk can be alleviated. 

    To keep the workplace hygienic from the covid-19 disease, it is highly recommended to the employers to implement an Employee Preparedness and Coordination Solution that assist organizations on how to keep work premises and precautions to take up in this moment of global health emergency call.  

    Through this employee preparedness platform, you can offer badges, rewards, et cetera to your employees for successful checklist completion and give training to remotely working employees through online education and promote teamwork culture across your franchisees, business counterparts and among customers. 

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