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Advice For Employers To Create Awareness Program On Coronavirus At Workplace

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Since the global outbreak of a perilous disease called coronavirus is getting multiplied in many countries, the number of infected people across the nations has got amplified too. Due to the dearth of a cure for such a deadly problem, many companies are facing troubles in terms of how to protect their workforce and could maintain calmness among the employees.  

    Organizations are either temporarily shutting down businesses or encouraging employees to work remotely. As most of the businesses are facing enormous losses and challenges due to being unable to tackle such a complicated issue, it has become a matter of huge concern for everybody. 

    Certainly, the concern of employers is justifiable that once someone gets the covid-19 flu, it will get spread all over at the work premises. But, there are certain ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace.  

    Some inexpensive methods will help prevent the spread of covid-19 infection in your workplace and could protect your esteemed customers, employees, and contractors. Employers should start following these below-mentioned measures and let your employees be aware to protect them from coronavirus pandemic.  

    With these low-cost methods, employers can alleviate the work loss and employees can prevent falling sick due to this widespread issue at a large and it will slow down the spread of coronavirus if ever it is being caught by anyone at the workplace.  

    Ensure the workplace is clean friendly places and carries enough hygiene 

    • Make sure your workplace has cleaned surfaces (for instance – chairs, tables, and desks) and objects (landline telephones, mouse, keyboards et cetera)
    • All the objects must be wiped with disinfectant sprays frequently without fail 

    Why disinfectants? When somebody touches the contamination present on such surfaces are one of the main ways that COVID-19 spreads at a large because the person who is touching the surface is not aware of the presence of that fluid substance 

    Encourage employees to make a habit of washing hands frequently 

    •  Clean the hand soap dispensers daily and keep it changed regularly at the workplace. Most importantly, refill the soap dispensers regularly and get the area cleaned properly
    • Display informative and engaging posters at the workplace promoting hand-washing – you can get ample of ideas online on how to keep the employees aware about hand-washing 
    • Keep a bit of time to discuss this issue with employees and inform them in a meeting and at the end of the conference agenda. 
    • Increase communication with remotely working employees and customers as well as sitting at different places and brief them out about the importance of keeping their area neat and clean
    • Educate employees, contractors, and customers to keep sanitizers always hands if there is no soap and water at the places they visit 

    Why hand-washing is important? We have a habit of twiddling our hands on the face and other parts of the body, so washing hands often kills the virus and prevents the disease from getting caught on hands. 

    Discourage employees to travel 

    • As most of the nations have banned entries to travel to other nations, you must educate your employees while traveling could prove a harrowing experience for them.
    • Advise them not to travel either for leisure, personal, and business trips. 

    We might have not given enough importance to washing hands or keeping the desks clean, but in this moment of health emergency call, even such a small precaution could save our lives. 

    Therefore, we urge all employers to adopt preventive measures with the help of a turnkey employee preparedness solution that will allow you to have a compliance checklist, and share vital information with the employees. 

    To tackle this universal problem together, we have a custom-made platform Ready For Corona that will assist you with all the preventive measures to be taken and you can get access to the suitable information required to deal with covid-19. 

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