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How Can Businesses Benefit With Reinforcement Learning?

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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reinforcement learning
  • The application of reinforcement learning can optimize the process of online marketing. So by using this phenomenon, a company can improve its pricing, management of ad campaigns, and personalization.

    It can be applied to a large environment where the only way is to collect information about the environment by interacting with it. Also, nothing else other than the environment’s simulation model is there. And, an Environment model is known, but there is unavailability of the analytic solution.

    The following are the reasons for using Reinforcement Learning into a Business. It can help a company to Optimize Training Programs to make better operational strategies;

    1) To get insights about the demands of the customers

    No question behind the fact that with time, the preferences and needs of a customer are also changing. A business cannot wait to act against the action of a competitor who comes up with a strategy that lures the targeted customer’s mind.

    So one needs to predict the dynamic changes in the market before anyone else and respond promptly. So, you can get better insights into what would be the right price for your products and services. It can also help a company on how to enhance the marketing campaigns according to an offer.

    2) Real-time Optimizing of the budget for Display ads

    A business can maximize the best response as per the change in the strategy of other ad bidders and individual ROI of the campaign. It has been studied that RL-powered bidding can make an ROI of about 340% in a budget of approximately 99.51%.

    An interesting fact is it is more than manual bidding that needs about 99.52% investment and results in an ROI of only 100%. The reason would be the fact that RL algorithms can enhance their performance continually. It can be possible by collecting more user feedback and past auction data. They are generally challenged with budget constraints.

    3) Optimizing highly personalized ads for long-term gains

    A company can propose the best marketing strategy by planning personalized ads for every customer. But it is a difficult task if the aim is to target thousands of different people. So, here, Reinforcement Learning comes into existence.

    It can help one to predict the behavior of the customers based on their clicks on ads and many other factors to consider. So, its algorithm can help a business to generate high RIO for the long term by displaying personalized ads both to new and old customers.

    The performance of parameters is affected as per the learning speed of the agent as per a particular environment. It is mostly used in planning business strategies and also in robotics to automate the industrial processes.

    The two popular reinforcement learning methods are Q-value learning and Markov Decision Process. It can help a system to understand the right set of actions that can be taken to achieve maximum rewards over a long period.

    Sooner businesses need to use RL marketing tools to take over their competitors and rule in their industry. If you are interested in finding out more, then kindly consult with our tech experts at NextBee today!