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Decision Trees Used For Referral Messaging

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Messages should be unique but not too hard to understand. Whenever messages are written in a way that causes readers to be confused, or bored, the purpose of the message will be defeated. Crafting the perfect message will take some skill and good information.

    Some messages are so unique that they become confusing. These messages won’t get you the kind of engagement that will bring the desired results. Choose quality over uncommon trendy word-play. Use messages with words that are simple and easily understood, that will stand out and attract the attention of your audience.

    Choosing unique graphics and specific images that will communicate what advocates should do is recommended, a good example is ADP, they did a great job. Using the same methods that are tried and proven will always be the best thing for you to do.

    These messages can be tested; this might be the best way to make decisions about the message to use.  Now that the internet helps us to communicate with others much faster, this method can be used quickly, by using focus groups etc. Testing the messages you chose to use is important for anyone who is planning to use a referral marketing program.

    This is a message testing method:

    Do research about your employee’s personas by visiting their social media profiles and doing all you can to gather information about them. 

    Write two different messages

    Share one version for a specific length of time and then share the other for the same length of time as well.

    Analyze information throughout the process of finding questions for the referral marketing program

    Ask if either message resonates with partners or employees. If they make a suggestion as to what they would like the message to be like. You can change it, if you think their ideas are great. Try not to lose focus on what you want to achieve, as if you do you will have what you don’t want at the end of the process.

    When the process is complete, the message that gets the most approval should be applied to your referral marketing program

    This process will give you the ability to figure out what prompts customers, employees, partners, and advocates to become engaged. You can test many parts of a referral program that can be tested. However, you can narrow the list down in order to save time, and use these three suggested plans:

    • Advocate invitation emails
    • Registration page
    • Referral promotion email

    After the page and the email have been optimized you should move on to other messages and pages. Measure your emails and pages results, you will know that your message needs to be optimized if persons won’t click and register on your registration page. Targeting a business customer is quite different from targeting a business owner, an employee or a referral partner. For best results, you should not combine all these demographics, there should be specific messages that speak to each group separately. Knowing your audience is important.

    When you are speaking to business customers, use the language they are accustomed to, they need to start believing that this program is perfect for them. These customers have less time for reading than consumers and creating messages that are pointed with familiar language is best. They will be more willing to refer and register if they can relate to your message very quickly. 

    Using the decision tree to create referral messages is a part of a great plan, as having the most talented employees and partners in your business will give you a great foundation to build on. You will have a team that is enthusiastic about your plans and they will treat your customers well. Satisfied customers will always recommend your products or services to their friends and family, and your business will always be growing. We at NextBee can help you create the right referral messaging strategy. Let’s connect today to discuss more.