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  • The first step of any customer retention program is to ensure Successful Customer On-Boarding. A positive customer onboarding experience makes a customer feel valued and special, and they are more likely to come back to you the next time. Having a process that is not too complicated or tiring is what facilitates this process.

    We help you set the right tone for your Customer On-Boarding, ensuring that your customers’ journeys are designed to guide them to success. We want to make sure your customers are guided, supported and nurtured so that they are more likely to stick around and spread the word as well.

    Integrate On-Boarding techniques through your Customer Engagement Program

    Training – Several organizations, especially the ones that are B2B companies, like to train the new customers as a part of the onboarding process. Whether your training is scheduled to be a classroom session or as a 1-1 coaching, we can help you blend it in with your Online Customer Engagement platform. You can include fun online learning videos, or have a Q & A, or have a training event check-in to earn points and rewards in your customer engagement platform designed by NextBee.

    Coach Marks – Coach marks are a great way to nudge the users in the right direction. They help an organization in being able to call out new products, clearance items or product recommendations. Your customer engagement program can be designed with the coach marks that work best to help your customers be more participative and involved.

    Activities – Customer onboarding is never complete without the customer activities that go along with it. Whether you need a customer information form filled out, or a consent form signed, we can integrate them into the platform. You can have them complete the activities and earn points for each activity, making the onboarding fun and rewarding. 

    Sharing Next Steps – It’s a great idea for your customers to know what they are in for. You can design an interactive walkthrough, or have your Customer Engagement mobile app to take them through a video sharing the next steps of how the program works. Ideally, you want them to know how to earn points, how to redeem them and what tiers and reward options they have.

    Customer Feedback – One of the most critical elements of any customer engagement activity is feedback and onboarding is no different. Create a survey, poll or just have the customers review what they think of your product/service. You can use this as an opportunity to get feedback on the platform itself and work on it to make it better.

    Customer OnBoarding Metrics we help monitor :

    How do you know how effective your customer onboarding is today? How engaged are your users with your Customer Engagement program? Is your program easy to navigate? These are some of the questions we can help you answer with our data services. We help monitor  important customer onboarding metrics that will help gauge the success of the onboarding

    Time to Value (TTV) – The Time To Value is the most important customer onboarding metric we need to measure. TTV is nothing but the time it takes for the customer from onboarding to Value addition. When a customer joins your customer engagement program, they are all excited. But if the onboarding process is not interesting enough, they will not be motivated to move on to the next activity. In such a scenario a company may set up training or add an interactive walk-through so that the TTV reduces. 

    Time to Complete  (TCOB)- Time to complete onboarding is slightly different from TTV in the sense that TTV takes into account the time it takes from onboarding to the next customer engagement while TCOB concentrates on the onboarding process itself. An optimum onboarding time ensures that the customer comes back to you for the next activity. Too long onboarding can make the customer lose interest and too short onboarding can also make the customer feel there is not much value addition for them. Hence, it is important to measure and review the TCOB to ensure maximum engagement.

    Customer Response Rate – Whether its a survey you want to be completed or a poll answered, whether its a form to be filled out or a video to be watched, you want to know what percentage of your on-boarding activities are successful. Since customers want personalized experiences, it is truly the onboarding experience of a customer that determines how long they stay engaged in the program.

    Feature Adoption Rate – An adoption rate measures how effectively and who often your features are being used. A successful onboarding ensures the customers are using all the features of the customer engagement platform. The Feature adoption rate metric also helps you in predicting which features to add and where you are getting most traction from.

    Wondering how you can improve your customer on-boarding experience? Our new module, CX360 by NextBee combines our 10 plus years of experience with advanced techniques. Let’s connect today to set up your FREE TRIAL.