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Sentiment Analysis In Customer Service
Customer Sentiment analysis
  • Have you been looking for the most effective tool to use in improving your customer service? What you need is no other than customer sentiment. With detailed knowledge about this and how it affects customer-centricity, you will be able to improve the customer service of your business. It also provides businesses with all they need to always remain highly responsive to their customers, keep up with trends, and market opportunities.

    Ever since the introduction of sentiment analysis using data, businesses are beginning to sideline the dependence of data collected from call center interaction with customers, customer surveys, and focus groups. All this data is obsolete and structured. They are usually collected in a single place with considering other factors and analyzed using the  BI applications with the hopes that it will help improve their customer service, enhance their products, and put them on a benchmark when compared with their competitors. Without a proper understanding of what sentiment analysis is all about, none of these will work out as expected.

    Ever since the inception of social media and other online platforms, the use of sentiment analysis became more prominent as more people began to see the need for their businesses to take a step higher by improving their customer service. The social media being the sitting ground for both happy and agitated customers, businesses began to have access to the perception and sentiment of their customers. This was indeed the game-changer in the business industry.

    What Exactly Is Sentiment Analysis? 

    Sentiment analysis is simply an approach that uses machine learning engineers to collect information that is subjective from a text that is unstructured through contextual mining. The context used here basically relies on (NLP) natural language processing. With this simple process, engineers can detect users’ intents, opinions, and emotions accurately.

    The most important and crucial of sentiment analysis is opinion monitoring. With this simple analysis, businesses can successfully monitor the reactions of customers to products and the brand as a whole, gauge the feedback of users, do detailed monitoring of the trends about a particular thing on social media. For instance, the latter plays a major role in monitoring the launch of marketing campaigns across the industry. Each of the text sentiment analysis can analyze carries either the positive, negative, or neutral tags to help differentiate the samples.

    There is more to what sentiment analysis is all about than just the mere classifications of opinions. Presently, sentiment analytics has gone dad beyond the initial basics of classifying options. Now it is being used to accurately measure the scale of emotions of customers and to also precisely detect a wide range of human sentiments. 

    Also, sentiment analysis has been used to detect the specific emotions of customers such as anger, anxiety, happiness, disappointments and many more. For instance, all the tweets that are addressed to Grand Canyon with a sign of being emotional can be collected and visualized in many ways. 

    Being the next level of interpreting text data of customers, Consumer intent analysis is of no doubt the next big thing across different industries. Here, the query used can contain much intent that is hidden such as the issues the customer encountered with the product, the requests, and the intentions why customers purchase a particular product. With the results collected, businesses will be able to make adjustments to their products, make their clients happy and do exactly what they want.

    Additionally, the use of sentiment analysis has a major tool in the business world can be used to differentiate the polarity between the positive and negative sentiments of customers. The polarity is usually rated on a scale of 0 to 5, depending on the severity of the sentiment. This is often used to precisely state the level of customer satisfaction.

    The trends in the business world have seen a tremendous change since the inception of sentiment analysis. Presently, they are beginning to see the advantages of giving customers all they need and can take advantage of 24/7 customer support, top-notch customer services that are sentiment inclined and customer personalization. 

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