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Engagement Activity Effectiveness Using Heat Maps and Probabilistic Insights

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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Customer Engagement
  • The majority of businesses have an online presence today. If you want your business to succeed, then it is crucial to target customers online. A great way to do this is by setting up an online store to cater to the needs of customers. However, if you do not use customer data to your advantage, then you will miss out on many opportunities. 

    Making decisions related to pricing, engagement, hiring, or any other critical area related to the business is easy when you have actionable insights. Heat Maps is a useful conversion optimization tool that businesses can use to gain actionable insights about their customers. It allows you to see what customers do on the website. Although there are other methods that are also used, Heat Maps is a powerful tool that provides great accuracy. Thus, you can create a personalized experience for customers by providing them with product recommendations that are tailored to their interests. Input signals such as which products customers look at and how often they make a purchase, can be used for better outcome.

    Probabilistic data is what makes it possible. This is where machine learning algorithms come into place. They have the ability to make use of past interactions with customers and make it possible to learn about customers even when they are not on the online store. Thus, user insights are created to improve the effectiveness of engagement activity by providing information in the form of interests, socio-demographics, and other attributes. As these are probabilistic, predictions can be made.

    How can Heat Maps help?

    To achieve a reliable inference, it is crucial for the size per screen/ page to be sufficient. Normally, 2000 to 3000 page views for each design screen should be considered. If the Heat Map has been derived from just 50 users, then it is not considered to be accurate. To understand Heat Maps better, it is crucial to understand the different types of Heat Maps. 

    Data Management Platform (DMP)

    Prediction capabilities are provided by a predictive data management platform to machine learning algorithms. User insights are provided by DMP as probabilistic data. Reliable and accurate predictions are provided by DMP such as the prediction of male and female users. Probabilistic data provides an extensive range of opportunities for application purposes. This makes it easier to make decisions regarding personalization, ads targeting, recommendations, and the like. It is also used for predictive use cases. Moreover, it can even be used for the prediction of churn which is the probability of a customer leaving your business. Thus, your business can take the best course of action with the help of insights. It even helps boost conversion rates.  

    Incorporation of Heat Maps and Probabilistic Insights for Improvement In Engagement Activity 

    If you want your business to improve the effectiveness of engagement activity, then you need to incorporate Heat Maps and Probabilistic Insights to gain actionable insights. These will allow you to make the right decisions that help increase revenue, improve customer loyalty, increase market penetration, and boost profitability in general. Heap Maps and Probabilistic Insights are both useful in gathering information. The information gathered will help you learn more about your customers so that you can better serve them. 

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