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Using Big Data in Strategizing your Marketing Campaigns

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Strategizing your process is the first step for a marketing campaign success and you need to make sure that you have the right strategy in place for your marketing campaign to have the right results and productive outcome on multiple channels. Big Data makes the strategy making a whole lot easier and simpler for you enabling the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to take care of all the leg work required so you can focus on what is important and have the right strategy in place.
    You will be enabled to have a better outcome from each step of your marketing process that are but not limited to:

    Budgeting: Budgeting the amount you are willing to spend on each channel and focusing more on what would be more productive in terms of revenue is what you would consider initially while opting for a multi-channel marketing campaign. Big Data comes to the rescue here and it enables you to choose the right amount of budget that you need to spare for the multi-channel marketing strategy that you are going to proceed with to make sure each penny counts and proves to be productive for you in long run.


    Targeting the Right customers: Targeting the right customers and focusing on the clientele based on their likes, dislikes, and past shopping trends can set you on the right track to target more customers efficiently and get the optimal results that you desire from your marketing campaigns. Big Data is the key factor that can get you a lot better insight into what marketing strategy you need to go for on each channel to make your multi-channel marketing strategy work out best for you and help you gain more in terms of revenue.
    Big Data does not only help you get the new clients but you can also retain your previous customers as Data Analysis allows you an in-depth insight on the past shopping trends and what would your consumer like from you.


    Implementation: A well-planned strategy will get you nowhere if it is not implemented the right way and that problem is solved through Machine Learning and Big Data. It helps you with the thorough procedure that you need to imply for your multi-channel marketing strategies and run an effective campaign that will be resulting in a considerable difference in your sales revenues and you can notice the improvement within no time.
    The implementation process can be executed and monitored with convenience and accuracy through Data Analysis to always be aware of what is working best and where to focus more.
    It will make you tweak the strategy and focus of your multi-channel marketing campaign in real-time allowing you to get better results in the end rather than spending all your budget and realizing things could have been done in a better way.

    Post Campaign Surveys: Post Campaign Surveys through Big Data and Data Analysis enable you to have a thorough look over the results that you have achieved with your multi-channel marketing campaign. This ensures transparency and Visualization of stats in real-time allows you to see what has worked out best and what needs to be done for the future multi-channel marketing campaigns you are planning to run to ensure that you are always one step ahead of your competitors with the sharpest and effective multi-channel marketing campaigns ultimately resulting a considerable increase in terms of productivity and revenue for your operation.

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