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Forecasting the costs of Customer Engagement using Segmentation

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Forecasting the segmentation is made easier with segmentation and this can be made a lot easier and productive with the right Data Analysis tools. You need to take the whole process with great consideration and the first step to forecast your engagement cost should understand the segmentations. Once you have understood the segments clearly and have an idea of what is needed to engage each type of customers segment, you can have a clear picture of what budget you are looking at to maximize your customer engagements and that forecast will help you with your financial planning for marketing budget effectively saving you a lot on your marketing budget and making each penny count maximizing the returns on investments.

    • Identifying the Segments: Once you have the segments classified and made sure that you have covered all the types of customers you have. You need to identify the right marketing strategy required to increase the engagements and spend your marketing budget effectively where it counts the most.
    • Forecasting the costs: As you have classified the customers in different segments according to Data Analysis generated from past trends and their shopping behaviors. The process of deriving the right marketing strategy for maximum customer engagements gets a whole lot easier for you and you can certainly have a clear picture in mind what works best for each segment and the strategy you need to move forward with to engage each segment of customers.

    The identification and knowledge of strategy required enables you to have a better idea of costs that are required to engage the customers and get the best return on your investment.

    Forecasting the costs is done through extensive research on knowing the customer shopping behavior trends and figuring out the right strategy that you need to maximize the customer engagements from each segment you have classified. Once you have the idea on each segment of the customers and have derived the right strategy that will effectively help you with increasing the customer engagements, you can calculate and forecast the budget and costs involved with engaging the customers effectively through Business Analytics and all of this is made possible with Customer Segmentation using the Big Data, Machine Learning and Data Analysis combined with great accuracy and efficiency far more than you can get off the traditional marketing research techniques. Forecasting the engagement costs will help you with calculating the budget you need to spend on marketing efficiently to make it count and you can also save a lot on your marketing budget targeting the right audience increasing the engagements to maximum and spending lesser but effectively where it counts.

    We at NextBee help you use Big Data Analytics to forecast your costs and revenues. Our team of highly skilled and experienced Data Scientists have all it takes to turn your Big Data into meaningful Business Intelligence for you to make wise decisions. Let’s talk today to discuss more.