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Customer Segmentation in Customer Engagement Strategy

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Customer Engagement is the fundamental element of making any business productive and profitable and the budget you spare for the customer engagements needs to be considered with extensive research to get the optimal results and the return on investment is exemplary. Customer Segmentation can help you with the whole process to make sure the costs of your engagement are being planned efficiently and you consider every factor needed to make each penny count. You can forecast the costs you need to spend on your engagements efficiently through customer segmentation.


    Customer Segmentation

    Data Science has proved itself revolutionary for all the industries and aspects of business and Data Analysis through Data Mining and Business Analytics can help you complete the segmentation process for your customers in a much efficient and productive way with great accuracy and optimal results to get the best insight on what budget you are looking at to be spent on your customer engagements.

    Machine Learning combined with Visualization makes the segmentation process easier for you and you can classify the customers based on their shopping preferences, potential customers that are prospects, current customers and much more categories so you can target them with the right marketing strategy to get the most out of your engagement budget. Each segment that you classify your customers is based on the Data Analysis that can be defined as a specific engagement budget making it easier for you to forecast the costs you need to spend to gain maximum customer engagements.


    Big Data has undoubtedly added value to all the Business Analytics and with the right tool for segmentation, you can not only forecast the budget you need to spare for marketing and customer engagement but also cut down the unnecessary expenses by spending where it matters and making each penny productive for you. Segmentation of customers allows you to know their preferences and what marketing techniques are likely to work more with them.

    With Data Science and Business Intelligence combined you can achieve the goals you are looking for to not only forecast but also able to cut down the engagement costs for your customers.

    • Market Awareness: Data Analysis allows you to learn about market trends and your customer demands more effectively than traditional marketing techniques. Big Data has proven to be highly beneficial and you can stay one step ahead by knowing what type of customers you are dealing with and engage them with the right strategy.
    • Strategizing your engagements: Each customer is different and your unanimous strategy for engagements can not be efficient enough to maximize your engagements. You need to innovate and strategize according to the customer trends based on segmentation you get through Data Analysis to be sure to come up with the perfect strategy to maximize your engagements.
    • Returns on Investment: Getting the right return on investment is critically important and segmentation gives you a chance to spend where it matters by classifying the customers into segments so you know beforehand what strategy would work best for each segment to make the best out of your engagement budget.


    Segmentation allows you to classify the customers using Data Analysis based on their past shopping behaviors and trends so you can make different segments to target each customer group in accordance with their past shopping habits and spending trends to target them with the right product for their marketing needs. Data Mining can access the data far more efficiently than traditional research techniques and with better accuracy to get you the optimal results you are looking for.

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