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What are the Problems with Handling Big Data?

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Currently, Big Data is massive data. With the amount of data that is currently available, the traditional data processing tools and procedures fall short. One cannot make the right visualization of such voluminous data for business benefits through traditional applications. It is possible only with the use of advanced technology and complete data processing applications like Business Analytics tools.

    A company can collect, store, process, and extract it for the business profits using effective Data Science tactics. It is vital to forecast trends in expenses and sales. Businesses can get insights on making decisions on controlling negative occurrences. Also, to influence such trends positively is a big goal of Business Intelligence.

    As an essential resource, big data is present in abundance all over and can be used for Data Mining. Big Data can be collected using Machine Learning methods from the sources of a company.

    Thus, such data includes sales amount, sales date, payment methods, and inventory. One can also get data from customer information and payment amount. After all, different types of pertinent information that is involved in a sales transaction can be included in the big data.

    It can be easy for one to collect a large number of relevant data sets are potential for a business for the right Data Analytics. However, the reality is something else. Yes, a company needs to face many problems while handling them and use proper techniques to solve them!


    How to Take Care of your Company Data?

    Here are two Common Problems with Managing Big Data and Solutions to address them for any Business;


    1) No Proper Standard regarding Data Regulations and Privacy

    In the past few years, many new data privacy and regulation laws have been set up by the authorities, but the problem is they are different from each other. Hence in a particular region, there are different requirements and standards.

    Also, in many states, the rules are not under proper control to be enforced. They impose hefty fines and penalties for businesses which would fail to comply with the same, so it can be a significant burden to handle.

    It can be solved by forming standards that meet the needs of principles of various regions and demographics that correspond with each other. We can help firms to manage their data that can be achieved with existing nuances and conditions. Thus, allowing much transition periods and having clear-cut guidelines to apply the needed changes.


    2) Bias and False Equivalencies

    It can be a big gamble to automatically process and extract conclusions from a large amount of Big Data for using an AI or Machine Learning system. In real life, there might be the possibility of mistaking in causation or coincidence for correlation and in either way possible! Hence, Business Analytics using it can lead to bad decisions and might end up with customer dissatisfaction.

    Hence, to keep it on the right track, we can help companies to avoid over-relying on technology. It is only to aid a business but not to order it. So, in the process of applying data science methods, there must be enough visualization of variables.

    They need to be considered to implement the analytics and algorithms using cleaner data as in out.  We offer aid in the course correction quality control and ongoing critical evaluation with data analytics.

    Additionally, big data might be a risk due to many hackers. They are the professionals who are using their efforts and techniques to gain access to the useful data of a company.

    Hence, they can further cause different mischief activities with it! Also, the shortage of skilled people to analyze the Data can be a problem that you might be facing in your company.


    Bottom Line

    At present, data is a very precious and valuable resource for Data Mining techniques of a business. It should always be considered with the risks and issues that might be possible. Thus, a company needs the visualization of everything as a necessary task of Business Intelligence to view every facet of a business.

    Therefore, our professionals at NextBee can help clients in the critical assessment. Every business needs to understand the vulnerabilities and shortcomings (legal, ethical, and technological). We can also improve one in planning to resolve them and must be very much necessary for implementing the right Big Data.