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How can Banks Get Connected Emotionally with their Customers?

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Today a customer is having many expectations from every business! Financial institutions and Banks are also among them. They want the same dynamic and intuitive digital experience like what they are getting with e-commerce giants as of now. It is only possible by applying proper Data Science tactics in their work.

    A customer needs to experience super personalized services from banks. After all, this can help to ease their financial life and to make better decisions. As per a recent survey on banking customers, as compared to banks, more technology brands are using Business Analytics methods. Hence, they are more prone to build stronger emotional connections with consumers.


    Hence, Banks needs to get enough Visualization on;

    1) Removing their customer problems with engaging them in complete banking experience.

    2) Helping people to make better financial decisions.

    3) Getting insights and preparing in advance for the changing financial needs of a customer.


    1) Customer Engagement to ease the Financial Lives of Consumers

    A financial management process must be more accessible for one to understand. Further, using in this way, banks can make an emotional connection with their clients. A suitable method is to provide digital banking services. Hence, they can do most of their banking-related tasks with the ease of convenience at their home.

    Banks can also offer chat and voice support facilities to solve the doubts of their clients when needed or to complete simple tasks. One should analyze the relations build-up via conversational interfaces. We at NextBee can help banks to prioritize the hardships that need to be resolved first. So, financial institutions can reach us to use our advanced services and develop their client engagement.


    2) To help Clients in making the Right Financial Decisions

    A bank needs to get visualization in giving private support to its clients. It is necessary for them to provide offer recommendations and guidance to their customers. All this is possible using the right Business Analytics technology.

    To implement this, banks can use and develop a good Data Analytics strategy. It can help them transfer their work from product-centric to client-centric focus. It is to break the operational silos and internal work to manage Big Data of the client.

    Banks also need to use data mining techniques for unstructured data sources present on their digital platforms that includes conversational data and search results. They can also take permission from consumers to get external data sources.

    It is also beneficial for them to get a proper idea regarding the complete financial picture of clients. Hence, by analyzing these types of data sets or Big Data can help banks to suggest the best experiences and products.

    They can engage with a customer through monitoring transaction-level data and their accounts. One can get helpful insights using our data science techniques.  Banks need to analyze the results to gain Business Intelligence and further take action. We can help one to start giving alerts on suspicious account activities and low balances.


    3) Realize and Match up with the Changing Needs

    A bank should realize in advance and anticipate the ever-changing needs of a client. It can build up a real emotional connection. Banks need to adopt product guidance, offerings, and experiences, likewise.

    Also, financial institutions need visualization to build feedback loops using Data Analytics tools. They can gain experience to collect information about the behavior and preferences of a user using proper Data Mining. It can also help them to anticipate the needs of a consumer.

    They can use the client’s feedback to find insights and asking customers to share their financial aims. It can help a financial institution to gain Business Intelligence and personalized client service. One can prepare in advance to match up to their financial needs.

    They can take the help of our AI and Machine Learning techniques to implement such initiatives completely. However, one can get more Business Analytics to be done in a short interval of time. The digital experiences have to be mixed with Big Data derived insights. It can help one to simplify the daily management of finance and engage the clients to share their thoughts and data.

    You can use the time to enhance your capabilities as a part of Business Intelligence. The clients can also need time for adjusting with a highly prescriptive experience of banking. It is all about starting with small, iterate, and develop the abilities with time!


    Our experts at NextBee are skilled to help clients get proper visualization. They can also build good relations with clients using tools like Data Science, Machine Learning, and more! We help Banks build a sense of trust and connection with their customers! Let’s connect today.