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How Data Analytics in E-commerce Can Increase Upsell?

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • The use of data analytics in the e-commerce industry has been able to help companies learn all the information they need to know about their customers purchasing behaviors in relation to the current trend that is in the market. Using data in ways like this has been able to help these companies tailor their sales directly to the preferences of their customers, develop new products that are in line with their needs, and ensure that the level of customer experience needed by customers is reached.

    Data Analytics for E-commerce

    This might not seem as productive as finding new ways to convert more customers. But in the long-run, the benefits of your business are way more than you can imagine. Upselling has the ability to transform a business if the available resources which are data are available. The moment you are able to analyze this collected data the way you should, you will be able to boost your revenue and get more from your business.

    In a simple way, upselling is a strategy used by e-commerce companies to encourage their clients to upgrade their order.  This can be done at the point of sale or after-sales process has been concluded. If done the right way, clients or customers are most likely going to see the reason why they should buy the additional product.

    Having shared this here is the big question that businesses in this part of the economic world seem to always ask. “When exactly do I encourage my clients to upgrade their order and get another product?” “how do I know the type of product that my customers are interested in?” The best answer to this question can be only gotten by analyzing e-commerce data. This involves the use of segmentation to identify the prime upsells opportunities, the creation of data-driven personas to help understand customers than others do, and by reading unanalyzed data to help understand the cravings of customers.

    • The Use Of Segmentation To Identify The Prime Upsells Opportunities – Customers think of themselves as a precious stone that should be Cherished. And of course, they really are.  Segmentation involves the use of data to segment your customers. Here, data analytics helps to segment your customers based on the comparables in your niche and the outliers in your business. With this, you will increase upsells and take your business to another level.
    • The Creation Of Data-driven Personas To Help Understand Customers Than Others Do – For your business to take advantage of what upsells have to offer, you need to use data analytics to learn more about your customers’ personas. Data analytics tools have been used by e-commerce businesses in determining what customers are frequently surfing the internet for and products on their individual watchlist. The foreknowledge of this allows you to know what your customers are looking for. With this, you will be able to make the right kind of recommendations on what they need to buy.
    • By reading unanalyzed data to help understand the cravings of customers – Another way to take advantage of this is to understand the individual cravings of your customer. With the use of predictive analytics, you will be precisely able to state what your customers are expecting from your e-commerce website and provide it accordingly.

    To conclude, Data Analytics has become an integral part of E-commerce industry and many companies are using it to formulate better strategies. The insights received from Data Science are a goldmine for the business with the help of which it can grow exponentially. So, if you are yet to implement data science in your business processes, feel free to contact NextBee at the earliest.