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Why is Data Science a Necessity for Human Resource Management?

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • Human Resource Management focuses on interviewing, orientation, safety, harassment, discrimination, and the ability to communicate, violence, discipline, motivating and termination. There are many specific attributes that are required specifically to be a competent and effective HR Manager, who is confident and resilient in everything you do.

    Tasks that once fell under the list of things that the human resource management department would do, has become a part of the job description for many managers. The ability of managers to deal with the issues that are pertaining to human resource management has been lacking in some cases, as they were never equipped with the skill or knowledge to handle these issues, their communication skills are sometimes lacking and employees can be careless and don’t pay enough attention to important details and rules, at times. Knowing what questions, when they are conducting an interview, might not be an area that they know anything about.

    To help them along this path, many companies are now turning to technology. Using Data and Data Analytics tools has changed the game for HR, having them use more reliable methodologies and newer techniques. 

    When data analysis is used to assist companies in HR management there is a bit of difficulty as people analytics is still not as developed as we would want it to be. Whenever employees leave their jobs and the work they did is not being done, when companies have this problem it can leave them in a bad position because they are not able to operate in the same way they did before. This could mean a reduction in the income of the company’s and more work for the other workers for a while until a replacement is found for the employee who leaves. 

    Let’s look at the most important aspect of Human Resource Management and how Business Intelligence comes into play:

    Leveraging Talent

    There are businesses that are able to leverage the talents of employees and grow their profits, by motivating their employees and noticing a change in the way customers are treated when employees are feeling good about the company and the job. Employees who are motivated, tend to treat customers well and the profits of a company grow when customers are satisfied.

    HR managers who are able to leverage the talents and skills of their employees well will by developing the right policies and programs also help companies to grow, as they increase the income of the company also.

    With the new analytic tools employee’s achievements can be properly documented and there can be a system that is set up to reward them for their efforts, this will keep them motivated and willing to work hard so the company can continue to grow and succeed.


    With the huge overload of data and the chaotic state making it more difficult for HR practitioners, it has become imperative to use the right methods and techniques to analyse data. Being sensitive to change and its importance in Organisational success, we at NextBee help you incorporate data science into your HR goals and practices. Whether it’s a new project or an ongoing one, let’s set out a time to discuss how we can better what you are doing.