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Big Data and the Technological Advancement in Healthcare

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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big data
  • Big data has already begun to revolutionize industries such as retail and technology. Now, it is time to harness its ever-growing power in healthcare.

    While many businesses already recognize that big data is something they need to consider, numerous organizations are unsure where to start with the implementation, and this looks to be the case for the healthcare industry.

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning have started to creep into the Healthcare sector- it is helping patients to navigate life and manage on their own, as an emerging technology is changing the structure of support.

    Technology and Human Hands in Health Care

    Advanced technology is now being used to monitor patients and doing data entry. However, the emotions and other important aspects of patient care still need human interaction. No one wants to hear about the life-altering diagnosis from a computer that has no emotions. Over the years the health care system has seen an influx of computerized equipment that has made certain health checks more efficient, however, the need for humans will always be there.

    The implementation of new analytical tools and software, the standard of care, and the workflow can be improved – it allows statistics to be collated much faster when data scientists are employed to assist hospital staff with the choice of new equipment for a good return on investment. Analytical software is being used to set up alerts and monitor data at hospitals and this is very beneficial for the staff, as important treatments and procedures can be done at the right time.

    New opportunities have opened up in healthcare for the treatment of patients due to the use of big data – this includes precision medicine, advanced cancer therapy, and drug development.

    Many business owners are now recognizing that big data could be very beneficial for their business’ growth and success. Many organizations have managers who don’t know where to start with the changes they need to make. This can have an impact on the healthcare industry even though change is not easily embraced by some individuals. 

    More could be done to encourage people who know of the impact that change can make. Looking at the benefits, the hospital staff can derive when big data and technological advancement are applied to what is already being done.

    The healthcare sector is now overflowing with data, but there are issues to be considered, due to sensitivity and other complications. However, Data has become more relevant in hospitals since its use has improved the operations in specific clinics, human resources and supply chains.


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