Benefits Of Peer Recognition And Collaboration
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  • It is known that businesses that reward employees for working and helping each other will create a better environment of teamwork.

    Surely, every employee wants to feel that their contributions are valued and they are helping to make a difference with their work. As these feelings grow, they will be more likely to work together and foster an atmosphere of collaboration. 

    Peer-to-peer employee recognition and collaboration is a fantastic way to increase employee engagement, reduce employee churn rate. It adds the benefit of driving greater customer retention and satisfaction levels. 

    Recognition is an important psychological need for both the personal and professional parts of people’s lives. Sometimes it’s even more important for recognition to happen at the workplace since we typically spend so many hours of the day with one another at work every day of the week.

    Recognition also helps breakdown collaboration barriers, such as competition, and instead fosters an environment where employees are confident their hard work is noticed and valued. They feel safe that the whole team is working together to achieve the company’s goals. 

    As the premier engagement marketing company, with nearly a decade of experience, we have worked with companies of all sizes and helped them supercharge employee outcomes.

    The Reason Behind Peer Recognition

    Employee recognition efforts, especially ones which push for peer-to-peer recognition and collaboration, have many positive results for companies who implement them.

    In fact, according to a survey, 41% of companies that utilize a peer-to-peer recognition program have seen significant positive changes in customer satisfaction, and that peer-to-peer recognition is 35.7% more likely to have a positive impact on financial results than manager-only recognition. 

    With NextBee, brands can seamlessly enhance their employee’s productivity with employee-oriented software that has excellently performing features. The employee engagement platform by NextBee creates a 360-degree positive impact on the work environment with:

    • Faster Onboarding
    • Peer Coordination
    • Increase in Productivity
    • Boost in Referral Activity

    Let’s look at some ways to empower your team, improve team performance, boost your company’s sales overall, and create employees who are happy to work for you and likely to become proud brand ambassadors. 

    Establish a Feeling of Team 

    As collaboration increases so do the development of a true sense of team. The sense of recognition grows from the individual to the team and more times than not, it quickly spreads across all of the company. 

    Enhance Productivity and Quality 

    As employees start being recognized, they will push to have it continue and they usually develop the habit of giving more kudos which continues the cycle of recognition and thus encourages a stronger drive towards excellent work. 

    Inspires Collaboration 

    Peer to peer recognition builds trust and appreciation for employees and their teammates, this results in more proactive collaboration. 

    Increases Employee Satisfaction 

    As people are recognized they begin to take more pride in their work and happily go to work every day. Simple thank you and kudos for a job well done goes a long way to boost happiness and performance.

    And, if given a simple tool to do so, nearly 50% of employees would provide ongoing peer recognition. Just think of the ROI that would create. 

    Increases Communication Channels 

    Having a system where kudos can be shared across the company encourages inter-departmental communication. It helps to strategize the work and empowers teamwork with openness and transparency.

    It creates breaks down department silo walls and reduces frustration levels that arise from perceived lack of communication.

    Additionally, when employees receive admiration for being helpful, they quickly learn to make things positive both internally and externally. They put extra effort into making peer recognition and collaboration. It is an effective way to increase motivation and productivity. 

    Improve Overall Company’s Condition

    And finally, peer to peer recognition and collaboration improves the overall company’s working condition. Various scientific studies have shown that the connection between emotional happiness and the welfare of individuals is vital. If employees are happy, the better the company would perform. 


    Undoubtedly, engaging employees aptly reduce churn rate, improves morale, and overall engagement. It also creates a more positive company culture. Peer recognition positively affects the individual, the teams, and ultimately the company overall.  

    Peer to peer recognition and collaboration is very powerful. It is important that managers join in for recognizing others and receive recognition since it increases the faster adoption rate into the program. Ultimately, it truly boosts company morale from the top down. 

    As stated earlier, NextBee is the premier engagement company and with nearly a decade of experience, we have worked with companies of all sizes helping them supercharge employee outcomes.

    Do you need more ways to empower your teams? Want to improve team performance? Boost overall sales? Or, create a company culture where employees are happy to work for you? 

    Let’s connect to explore more!


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