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Best Strategies To Boost Your Sales Performance

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • There is no surprise to say that each running business wants to Supercharge their Sales Performance.  Though, It sometimes proves to be a daunting task to boost sales performance and grow revenue. However, it is essential for a business to understand how to start, how to grow, and to make the sales process flow smoothly. It’s tough but it’s the crucial cornerstone of every business.

    Sales professionals fight an uphill battle, fighting for prospects just to answer the phone or an email, engaging in wars of trust. Also, they need to have deals to close so they can ultimately meet their goals. It proves beneficial to empower your top performers to create engagement and boost sales. In fact, a thriving community of engaged employees will not only perform better but will happily evangelize your brand. Make a note, “Creating company engagement means you create a thriving community of sales reps that not only perform better but happily evangelize your brand.”

    As the premier engagement marketing company, with nearly a decade of experience, we have worked with companies of all sizes. 

    Here are some ideas to improve sales performance, boost your company’s sales and create sales reps that are happy and proud brand ambassadors. 


    Periodically connecting with the people not only ensures you’re meeting their wants and needs but it helps you connect and let them know you value their input. Then combine their insight with the data from your system and you’ll know reward redemption rates to see who is redeeming and how often; what activities are engaging them, and when they are engaging the most. Work with your employees to tweak triggers, activities, and rewards. It will assure stronger engagement, company loyalty and inturn boosts productivity because they feel valued. 


    Unproductive meetings cost employers more than required and is proven to be a waste of time. Cutting down meetings by just 20% can increase efficiency and sales goal completion rates. Promote “heads down” time where reps are free to block out times on their days where they can deep dive on tasks and not be disturbed. Also, encourage rewards that have been shown to boost productivity such as offering music accounts and working from home which studies have shown actually drives productivity despite middle management worries. 


    A strong sense of team empowers reps to bring their best to work. Not worrying about the competitive environment boosts productivity. Simply having the ability to post public kudos or creating leaderboards of appreciation for team members to track when they’ve helped each other can yield major results faster. 


    Make it easy for teams to communicate with each other and with the leadership. Part of maturing your program is creating ongoing interactions with your sales reps on a variety of channels, such as email, your website, and even social media. If your platform has been integrated with a mobile app or has had one created then make sure to send your sales reps in-app messages, nudges, and text messages outlining new activities, kudos, and rewards. 


    Create a fun and rewarding gamification process using gamification modules such as leaderboards and badges which track and reward activities ranging from teammate kudos to closed sales; training completion to years of service; and you will promote the feeling of team and have healthy competition. 


    Part of the fun can be incorporating user-generated videos & photo galleries of events they’ve attended, blog posts where they share training tips and other forms of content for your entire sales team to access anywhere they are. But, you can also use the same technology to create engaging built-in training modules including topics such as compliance, work conduct, product training, and many others.


    Finally, when it comes to the program and the rewards, you have to remain flexible. For rewards, as mentioned above, get feedback and adapt so you’re offering rewards that motivate. For the program itself, build in regular assessment periods and adjust your program based on the data and feedback you get. Plus, look for ways to tie everything into your sales reps’ lives to let them know you’re invested in them (holidays, graduations, birthdays, back to school or the changing seasons) and not just their job. 


    Rewarding people at the beginning just for enrolling in the program is a great way to build trust and excitement. Also, don’t complicate the system instead, make it easy from the sign up to reward redemption. Otherwise, sales reps will see it as a burden vs. fun and rewarding addition. 


    If you only connect with your reps when you want them to work harder, you’ll have trouble keeping them around for the long haul. Consider hosting an appreciation event to show your gratitude, send them links to helpful training articles to show you’re invested in their growth or get teams involved with a local charity that your business supports. All of these create happy sales reps who are invested in the company overall, not just “punching the clock”. 


    It should come as no surprise that salespeople love immediate gratification. Reducing the time it takes between completing the program’s activities you’ve set up triggers for obtaining their reward, will make rep engagement and activity soar. Automatic fulfillment is not only easier on your company but creates immediate positive reinforcement for interacting and boosting productivity. 


    A proficient program where sales reps are engaged is a great way to drive long term loyal relationships and having a well-executed engagement program is vital whether you’re a small business or an enterprise-level company. Multi-faceted engagement is a proven strategy that works and will help your company grow. As mentioned above, happily engaged people are much more likely to become your greatest ambassadors and stay with your company longer, which can be a huge ROI for a sales rep engagement program in and of itself. 

    NextBee has 10+ years of experience helping companies create full engagement programs that create loyalty, generate referrals and grow your brand’s ambassadors. Connect with us today!