An In-Detailed Insight About Third-Party Integrations
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  • While running an engagement program, there are several queries. For instance, Do you wonder why we are looking to engage more, i.e., what’s our end goal? Or what can be the best way to engage more, i.e., social sharing, email, gamification, etc.? 

    Perhaps, the most frequently asked question is, “Can you integrate with X CRM?” The quick answer is usually a resounding, “Yes.” 

    NextBee, having experience of nearly a decade, is the most flexible and robust engagement platform available. We proficiently strive to integrate with almost every system available cleanly. Regarding engagement plans, there’s always going to be a lot of questions. 

    •  Who is doing what? 
    •  What are they doing? 
    •  When are they doing it? 
    •  Where will it take place, whether it be your systems, a 3rd party’s approach, etc.?

    Below we have detailed some standard integration queries you may have.


    As far as integration is concerned, there really can be a nearly endless amount of questions coming from pretty much everyone involved, and some questions are more important than others. 

    Nevertheless, there are some substantial questions you need to answer before you integrate your customer engagement project. 


    Most companies require integration to successfully launch a program such as a customer referral, employee referral, customer loyalty, or a gamification program.

    Similarly, they have the most prominent concern over controlling so much data in so many places, making sure it all talks to each other and that it’s safe. 

    At NextBee’s consult with a company, we strive to nail down their most essential integration goals/needs. At the time, we know what information our clients need, for instance-

    •  What do they need to be reported? (Referrals, Shares, etc.) 
    •  Who needs access to the data? (tiered data, compliance needs, etc.) 
    •  Who needs the reports? (Sales, Marketing, Accounting, etc.) 
    •  Why do they need the reports? (tracking rewards for accounting, etc.) 
    •  Also, How do they plan to use the data for rewarding or motivating users? 

    After that, laying out the program structure and integration is done.

    Program development and integration ensure that an open line of communication exists between our teams and the client’s teams. 

    Consider it crucial for any company you chose to develop an engagement marketing program to make sure they are doing the same for you and your team; that is a unique approach. 

    Moreover, speak up and voice any concerns at the beginning other than waiting until well into the project only to find out something didn’t integrate the way you wanted or expected. The other question you need to ask –


    It is a fact that engagement programs often bring together numerous teams within a company. The best method to make building a custom engagement program more comfortable is to double-check that all key people are considered. 

    Also, it can just make things “clumsy” and cause unwanted friction between departments. Different departments are combined, such as Marketing, Sales, accounting, and IT, to ensure everyone involved has clearly defined paths and a voice for the project. 

    The engagement programs come with a dedicated project manager, and while this all takes some legwork up front, it pays off and leads to a more successful engagement program. 

    The two integration questions are probably the most important ones to start with, few other questions you might want to ensure your team has considered ahead of time and they are: 

    • Which type of systems do you need to integrate? Are you integrating a CRM, QuickBooks, or another ‘homegrown’ kind of report or spreadsheet? 
    • What systems are you planning to integrate?
    • Where will the data reside, and how can it be accessed? 
    • Who will manage the new system moving forward? 
    • How about managing your new system? 
    • Who will be your internal champion? 
    Common Integrations List

    NextBee’s team of skilled professionals has a wealth of experience integrating various engagement efforts (employee referral programs, B2B referral programs, gamification programs, etc.) into the not so common management software systems.

    Following is a partial list of integration options. 

    Standard Customer CRM Integrations List 

    #HubSpot #NetHunt #Salesforce #CompanyHub #Less Annoying #OnePage #Freshsales #C2CRM #Pipedrive #Nutshell #PipelineDeals #Zendesk #Sell Copper #Nimble #bpm’online #Salesflare #Membrain #Affinity #Relationship Intelligence #Zoho CRM 

    Common Employee Software Integrations List 

    #Gusto #Connecteam #Workday #Oracle: Peoplesoft #Kissflow #Bullhorn #Litmos #15five #Halogen #Employee Navigator 

    Common Partner CRM Integrations List 

    #Allbound #PRM Reviews #ChannelCandy #Impartner #PRM #channelIT #Zift Solutions #ChannelKonnect #ZINFI #ChannelValue #Magentrix #Convey Portal #Salesforce Partner #EcoSoft 4.0 

    #Relationship Mgmt. #LeadMethod PRM #Elioplus PRM #Channeltivity #Gorilla Corporation #NetSuite CRM+ Partner #IBM Partner #PartnerStack #LogicBay Relationship Mgmt. #Engagement Mgr #Mindmatrix Perks #WW Enterprise #IBM B2B Collaboration #Partnerize Partner #Engagement Engine® (E3)

    Mgmt. Platform (PMP) Oracle Partner PRMDeals Workspan Scales PartnerPath Shuttle PartnerPortal StructuredWeb TUNE (formerly HasOffers) TapFwd Agentcis BasisPoint Webinfinity Blueroads

    Implementation Lists
    •  Work Division 

    Here’s when we divide the work between the client team and the NextBee team. The client team will have to provide NextBee with the required accesses and plan and review the custom fields and objects. 

    The NextBee team inturn does most of the heavy lifting for you.

    Role of NextBee in Third-Party Integrations

    Indeed, designing an engagement program is a great way to yield brand advocacy, create a community, and build long-term loyalty for employees, partners, and customers.  

    Integrating into your current systems makes the process easy and more readily adopted by users, staff, and management.

    NextBee’s developers and account managers will work with you to integrate our AI-Powered community engagement platform and get you up and running with industry best practices quickly. 

    NextBee helps companies create and integrate full engagement programs that build loyalty, generate referrals, and grow your brand’s ambassadors. 

Align Your Company, Your Teams, And Your Individual Employees To Foster A Company Culture Rooted In Success.



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