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Ways To Improve Learning Outcomes By Smart Insights Technology
  • It is observed that changes are rarely welcomed. But changes such as; change in vision, strategies, instructional methods and materials are all needed either for growth or because of industry changes. It’s quite common for people to like the status quo and not want the apple cart overturned unless they understand how it’s going to benefit them.  Since long we have seen how educational experience if promoted and engaged properly, can create an atmosphere ripe for improving achievement. Truly, Education is Vital for Continued Growth! 

    The question arises, how do you engage and streamline the process to improve outcomes? 

    The answer is by creating an engagement system that drives buy-in and participation. Doing so means you can not only provide great experiences but cultivate new ideas and stronger employees in a high ROI yielding manner. Training Improves Retention Rates, Customer Satisfaction & Promotes New Product Ideas

    Let’s ponder over some of the best ideas for improving learning outcomes this quarter-


    Encourage feedback, participation and nurture the creation of powerful ideas from team members. They have inside knowledge and understanding of your business. Engage teams with surveys and competitions and then using their input, you can transform outdated practices and processes. And, always remember to not only reward them for taking the time to tell you what they think but also openly thank/credit them for their suggestions via social shout outs. It creates a feeling of ownership and investment in the company and the vision. 


    Constantly re-evaluate your learning program, it’s engagement, and what the best rewards are for your users. As mentioned above, periodically survey users to ensure you are meeting their training wants and needs. Then combine those answers with the data from your system to analyze things such as what activities are engaging them, when they are engaging, what rewards are motivating them, etc. Once you have compiled everything you can tweak activities, reward triggers and also implement the user suggested rewards all of which build stronger engagement, loyalty and boosts productivity. 


    Every department should have a vision statement that promotes the growth plan for that department and then it should be tied back to your company’s overall Mission Statement. 

    Each department’s vision should describe why it is important to achieve the corporate mission statement and describes how the company is looking to the future for its employees and the company as a whole. It should portray what will be achieved if the company is successful in achieving its goals. Everyone should be invested in the vision with a total buy-in from the entire company. 


    Investing in your best brand evangelists that is your employees, by rewards, kudos, public thanks, etc. is a fantastic way to grow your business’ brand across multiple channels. But, also make sure your training is the best it can be. Keep it updated. Look for industry leaders and see what materials you can bring into your organization then create a system that monitors, engages and rewards for participating and finishing the different learning modules. Doing so almost guarantees success for employee retention and growth. 


    Change agents make tough decisions keeping what’s best for the employees and company in focus. When complaints about change and improvement come rolling in, and they will, management should pay close attention to their department’s leadership and their decisions. If the leader of a department does not want to upset their teams by moving forward, then your company’s chances of improving are minimal at best. Steadfast resolve for reaching the company’s vision is when you find out what your leadership is made of in your company; from your top-level management on down to the team lead. Empower leaders with a system that helps them drive the vision – one which allows for kudos, giving rewards to team members for implementing the vision, and meeting other metrics. 


    Employees have different strengths, weaknesses and learning styles so assuming that all the training is the right content and style of training is setting you up for failure or at the very least unnecessary frustration. To help with this, segment users into different silos so they get the training that’s the most beneficial to them. Next, provide clear direction about why they are attending training as well as what the expected performance outcomes are. The objectives must be reviewed and reiterated. This allows employees to leave training not only with a high mastery & confidence but with an enthusiasm to apply what they’ve learned. 


    Applying what you’ve learned to real-world problems takes a lot of practice, so it’s important to look for opportunities to do so. For example, if you have your team studying a new sales technique, make a conscious effort to call out and give kudos to team members that have employed one of the new strategies. Create team discussion boards or email threads where ideas are shared on how to start applying what’s been covered in your training materials. 


    Breaking down work into bite-size portions has been proven time and again to be the best way to have people not only engage in learning more but also a very effective way to get them to retain what they’ve learned. One company we work with uses multiple video and text training modules to onboard and train their employees through bigger topic modules. As an employee completes one section they are quizzed and then upon passing they are rewarded points and given kudos. The entire process not only encourages the training to be completed but it tracks where employees are at in the process and deliver in a highly effective manner.


    Engagement programs for training and micro-learning modules ensure your teams are better trained with your product and company. This newly trained team will directly translate into better solutions for your clients and increased revenue for your brand. 

    NextBee strives to create full engagement programs that create loyalty, generate referrals and grow your brand’s ambassadors. 

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