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Things To Know About Membership Reward Program That Can Boost Customer Loyalty
Membership Reward Program
  • A question often arises in the mind of the business leaders. That is,

    What makes a customer loyal to the brand?

    Well, you must be thinking about sales and discounts. But, that’s not actually true.

    According to various surveys, Loyalty depends on customer satisfaction and long-term engagement. This corresponds to the fact that customers with an emotional connection to a brand have a 300% higher lifetime value.

    Membership Rewards is another form of the customer loyalty program. The more customers spend, the more Rewards points they accumulate. These points can be further redeemed for various types of rewards.

    No matter what kind of business you are managing, and in what industry you are operating, it’s always a good idea to reward your clients for their loyalty towards your brand.

    Here are some Questions and Answers that will dig deep into Membership Rewards in a Customer Loyalty Program.

    Q. Why a Tiered Loyalty program necessary for a brand?

    It is a fact that customer satisfaction and long term engagement actually make a customer loyal. And in the end, what matters the most is the customer’s retention with your business.

    Tiered Loyalty Programs win the game in this case, as it’s proved to be one of the most efficient tool to retain clients. Tiered Loyalty is a kind of membership program that ranks individuals into certain groups. Also, customers can avail offers and benefits for a longer time or permanently depending on the rank.

    Tiered Loyalty has got many benefits such as:

    • It’s a better way to engage customers with the business
    • Can get people long-time customers benefits
    • The program sets apart your trade from other competitors
    • Enhance better interaction and communication
    • More understanding between customers and business
    Q. How will you transform a user from being a generic loyalty member to being a VIP member?

    When you convert a free loyalty member to a VIP member, there are certain conditions that are needed to be fulfilled. Like, when someone has a track record of engaging with you and using your services/products for a longer period they are eligible to be a VIP member.

    Being a VIP member will offer additional benefits and long term offers so that customers become more loyal. It’s an amazing way to boost both enrolment and engagement into your loyalty program.

    A user can be transformed into a VIP member when:

    • You have his/her information registered with you
    • He/she is using your services for a long time
    • He/she is loyal and tries to get you more customers
    • Get you more revenue
    • Grew with your brand
    Q. Does loyalty program also offer paid membership for a brand?

    A loyalty program certainly offers paid membership for a brand. Although most of the programs are offered free to members that enhance acquisition and adoption.

    But some programs are already confined to certain terms, and one can use it by a paid membership. It is constituted, by idealizing the best benefits a consumer can avail.

    The paid membership program rewards their most loyal customers. Moreover, this scheme increases the number of customers who pay an annual fee and subscribe to be the members.

    Q. Does signing up and enrolling in the loyalty program work well?

    Yes, enrollment of clients in the loyalty programs pays off in terms of engaging customers and retaining them. Moreover, you can make your consumers be more familiar with your services and products. Also, your brand becomes more recognized and your work is displayed easily.

    You can make users sign up by an enrollment process by pre-filling customers’ information, like their names and email Id. But, make sure it’s easy and your customers shouldn’t feel irritated filling the form with lots of information.

    After a customer joins the loyalty program, it becomes easy for a business to build a bond with the customers by offering them the better services.

    Q. Can loyalty program help track memberships and general consumers?

    Loyalty programs are a tool to attract and keep customers who ultimately drive revenue for your business. Yes, these programs can also track membership and general consumers as most of the consumers prefer to have a personalized experience.

    These programs encourage consumers to help to get their information along with their profiles as a part of the program. In this way, a track record of the loyalty members is kept by keeping their data.

    This method not only personalizes the customer experience, but also implements your referral program, increase faith in your customers, and make a targeted marketing campaign.


    NextBee has developed strategies that aim to improve the revenue of your business by different means of enrollment. These methodologies are developed to ensure that every participant is approached in a way that drives increased conversion of referrals and leads. In all possible ways, NextBee helps to transform a user from being a normal loyalty member to being a VIP member. It, in turn, boosts customer retention and drives high-quality referrals.