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5 Best Loyalty Program ideas for B2B Companies

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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  • If you are a business brand that offers B2B services, there is a good chance you have a program in place for acquiring new customers and boosting your brand’s presence in the market. But if you do not have a stellar loyalty program or rewards strategy in place, you are probably losing out on a major chunk of business, simply by ignoring a large phenomenon company’s use nowadays to drive sales.

    NextBee has the perfect solution for you. Our AI-driven software analyses your customer base to create incentivized loyalty programs that will help your business grow exponentially in a matter of just a few months. Since the market for B2B solutions is quite cutting edge, it can be a costly affair to try to recruit new customers. So it is better to focus on retaining existing customers via rewards programs. Here are a few ideas that will help you urge your customers to spend more frequently with you.

    1. Personalize gifts

    Corporate gifting has become such a norm nowadays that clients are almost unfazed by it. Get innovative with your gifting ideas – holiday gifts tend to get forgotten and many clients do not even remember which brand sent what. But if you can personalize the gifting experience by surprising customers with a delightful present on birthdays and anniversaries, you will certainly stand out and make a lasting impression on their mind.

    Additionally, gifts don’t have to be materialistic. If you know a client loves a particular band, get them tickets to a concert, or an exclusive party. Deliver exclusive experiences to your clients and you will certainly be remembered.

    2. Reward customers in innovative ways

    Another way of making sure your customers will remember you long after the business deal is done, and come back to you when they need your services again, is to feature them in case studies, social media posts, and advertisements. High-value customers and the clients who spend the most with you will certainly be motivated to use your services again and again if they see you as an advocate.

    At NextBee, we use our loyalty program software to identify the highest spending customers on your app and website to design the best loyalty program, tailored for your brands’ needs.

    3. Boost customer lifetime value

    You can also reward customers who have been with you for a long time by offering them personalized recommendations for related products to boost cross channel upsells. Additionally, you can also offer exclusive perks like early access to new products, extra discounts and tickets to parties. This will help your customers realize that you recognize and value their loyalty towards your brand, and will inspire them to keep buying from you in order to get continued access to these exclusive services.

    4. Engage inactive members

    Once a customer subscribes to a loyalty program, they can be forgetful about it after the initial hype wanes. Our AI based segmentation will help you create a segmented loyalty program based on onsite and app data, that will help you create targeted incentives based on client’s purchase history. We will analyze the involvement of each client with you to create a unique rewards program that will fine-tune your business with them and keep old customers engaged at the same time.

    Thus, a loyalty program can act as a useful engagement tool to make your customer return to your brand more often. This would lead to a great progress in your sales goals, customer advocacy, reward system, and many more.