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Loyalty Program Examples by Mobile Productivity Apps
  • In present day, businesses and enterprises are turning towards the M-commerce industry as it has been the new trend. They are introducing the in-house product lines because they have realized the fact that smart-phones and similar handheld devices are the important channels that connect them with their customers.

    When a business starts attracting customers, they must find interesting ways to hold on to those customers so that they keep coming back and make repeat purchase. Old customers are like gold, and it is important to keep them engaged and offer them gifts like reward points.

    Companies from different industries (small scale to large scale) are using loyalty programs in their business ecosystem. These programs are used to bring a smile on the face of their customers in the form of memberships, discounts; special offers, reward points, etc.

    1. Creating an inevitable Loyalty Program using Mobile App

    Loyalty Programs can bind customer data using one thread under any circumstances. Businesses try their best to gain success through these programs. Loyalty programs can be used to find out who their loyal and best customers are, and whether they are present on mobile, or online through other devices, or in-store. All these also engage the customers on social media and help them to contact customer service easily. Businesses can now gather information about their customers quite easily with the help of loyalty programs. In turn, they can connect themselves and focus on one-to-one service.

    2. Profitability due to Loyalty Programs

    The cost ensured by a business to gain a new customer is six to seven times more than what it requires keeping an existing customer and selling their product and services to them. On top of this statistics prove that existing customers tend to spend much more than the new customers. Thus the profitability is always three to four times more in case of an old customer than the new ones. Therefore it is necessary on the part of the businesses to maintain an honest Program of Loyalty with their customers, and this is possible if one creates a potent Loyalty Program. In present times the profit gained using Loyalty Program is incomparable.

    3. The new era of Loyalty Programs due to Mobile apps

    Having a mobile application for any type of business proves to be quite beneficial. Customers have expectations from brands and businesses that they will be rewarded for being loyal. Loyalty Programs are the only savior at this point of time as they provide an insight into a customer’s purchase and preferences.

    Final word

    Mobile apps are important as customers no longer have to overload their purse with reward cars; rather they can use their mobiles or tablets. Nextbee and other similar platforms work to make the purchasing experience of a customer much better.