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    Plastic surgeons, cosmetic experts, dentists, and dermatologists must be easily found online. The old days of only promoting on Business Listing portals are gone. Google and Bing are constantly changing their algorithm on how web-pages are ranked in their search engine and the demands of tech-savvy patients are growing in good numbers day by day. In fact, most people spend their time mostly on mobile devices while searching for aesthetic service providers online.

    Aesthetic practices always look for an opportunity to expand their target audience and provide quality services to more patients. If you are ready to expand your customer base and build strong connections with new customers, start promoting by following these easy branding tips then there’s really only one question left…

    What can you do to maximize the exposure of your brand online?


    • Promote the Services you Offer

    Promote all your services in the aesthetic treatment arena everywhere you can. This includes the kind of treatments you are providing, medication processes, surgeries offered, and anything else. Try to give statistics on your success rates and how you have been successfully operating in the industry while winning the trust of patients.  Outline your brand’s features with Unique Selling Propositions. Make it clear to your audience how you are different from competitors.


    • Turn Clients into Brand Ambassadors

    The prime goal of any Aesthetic Practitioner is to satisfy their patients. Once this is achieved, a lot can be done based on it. Satisfied patients can become brand ambassadors for your practice referring others to use your services. They, if cultivated properly, will become a crucial member of word-of-mouth marketing.


    • Offer Rewards & Incentives

    All of your marketing efforts can be further boosted by offering rewards and incentives to loyal patients or customers. Formulate a promotional plan to rewarding existing customers for their repeated visits and usage of your services. Easy things to do are; offer discounts or complimentary consultations, provide gift cards, spa treatments, or massage therapy visits, and any other perks that may appeal to your clients for them referring your service to others. Along with providing a better experience and greater customer satisfaction, the offering of Rewards and incentives also helps with patient retention.


    • Focus on Branding

    Branding contributes a lot to the overall promotion of your aesthetic practice. Build a website which is often the first impression of your practice and you to prospective patients. Make the best use of everything a website has to offer because blogs, videos, and pictures that are featured on the website can help bring patient stories and your treatment information directly to them and if you are also building online reviews in medical aesthetics you’ll have even more success so it is very important to actively encourage happy and satisfied patients to post positive reviews about your practice.


    • Tap into Social Media

    Social media has become possibly the most important platform for promotion in today’s world. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. have billions of users which are active on these platforms and by advertising, you can reach out to a large targeted segment of the audience and find those who might be interested in aesthetic related treatments. If you handle the immense landscape of social media tactfully, it can do wonders for your aesthetic practice.


    Along with the aforementioned points to promote and market your Aesthetic Practice, it is also essential to implement a top-notch Patient Loyalty Program in the business’ ecosystem. A Patient Loyalty Program is a focused platform from which you can easily perform promotional activities.

    It also provides live data, analytics, and other crucial information all of which are necessary to gauge the performance of your promotions. Using the information it provides means you can define various strategies to reach out to your target audience.


    Feel free to contact NextBee if you need any assistance for a Loyalty Reward Solution.



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