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    Amazing commercials, powerful PR, great social media strategies are all brilliant ways to grow your company’s reputation. But absolutely nothing compares to an army of loyal employees who are chomping at the bit to shout from the mountain tops how great your brand is.


    While it is essential that you advertise your brand, it’s absolutely crucial to make sure you are not overlooking the influence of your employees as brand ambassadors.


    7 Tips to Encourage Your Employees to Become Brand Advocates

    Have you noticed that your top employees are always eager to become a part of the “inner circle”? 

    They want to have a sense of ownership. If you can cultivate this and get them to behave like an “owner of your brand”, then you’ll have a great boost in referrals and clients. Sounds great, right? But, how do you pull it off? Well, here are 7 quick tips.


    1.  Recognize the Possibility

    Avoid making things confusing and difficult. Your people are extremely aware of your brand, more so than anyone else and they also know how it’s received by the public. Because of this, they are a valuable resource for planning.


    1.  Pay Attention to what they hear

    Listen to their feedback and work with them to find “a better way” and a solution that’s good for everyone. 


    1.  Give them the Perspective

    Discuss the bigger picture with your employees. Talk to them about the dynamics of the factors you are not interested in. So, making the constraints clear gets the ball rolling.


    1.  Treat them with Respect

    Starting with listening to what employees think and working with them is a great start for building respect. But, look for other ways to get buy-in, to implement their ideas and to encourage them to help grow the business from the inside out.


    1.  Encourage Input

    Encouraging employees to come up with and express their opinions is great and once you are able to do this, you will be surprised at the value learned from the frontline. This will help you turn your brand into a best in class product.


    1.  Let them be the Superstar

    Provide your employees with the freedom to do anything that you would do in the same situations. If you allow them to imitate that level of care and critical thinking you would bring to the table, they are more likely to get involved in the workings of the business and will help them enjoy working in your company.


    1.  Support and Recognize with Swag

    Though this might appear unnecessary, it really does matter. Encourage and perhaps even provide ways for employees to sport the brand. Provide them with branded T-Shirts and have them wear these within the office on certain days. This will encourage pride in the team and in the business. 


    So, in closing, the main takeaway is that successful brands are shaped from the inside out. Wise leaders grab the opportunity to generate external engagements by building up the employees from the insde. Interested in doing so? Then simply follow these steps and you’ll create an army of the brand ambassadors.

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