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  • 4 Tips to Supercharge Your Referral Program
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    Generating and converting customer referrals can play a great role in your business’ growth. If getting and safeguarding customer referrals is a good indication that your products or services are providing great value to your customers, how can you get more?


    Tips to supercharge your referrals:


    • Simplify the Referral Making Process

    If your referral program takes a lot of time and effort to generate a referral,  then your customers likely to simply avoid starting, let alone completing, the process.  It is vital that you understand the importance of the time and effort they’re committing to give the referral by making the process easy and simple.

    • Make Everyone Eligible to Make Referrals

    Quite a few companies restrict their referral program to only their existing customers. But, what about those who find your service and product but can’t afford it at the moment but know someone who could? If you don’t give them a way to create a referral then chances are you’ve lost the conversion. Or said another way, make your referral program open to everyone and you’ll find it very beneficial.


    • Get the Timing Right When You Ask for a Referral

    Timing can play a significant role in the generation of referrals. Customers are eager to refer your service to their circle of influence if they’ve had a positive experience or transaction. Therefore, ask for the referral when your customer is happy with everything you’ve done. Again, if you wait, you will likely have lost the chance to strike while the iron is hot and missed out on a potentially great lead.


    • Incentivize them and Reward Yourself

    Asking customers for referrals is asking your clients for a favor. But, what are they going to get in return? When you’re asking someone to convert from a prospect to a customer you’ve asked them to spend time, energy and hard earned money for you. If you want them to go further to offer up a referral, then offer something to them which has value to them for every converting referral they provide. 


    The actual success of your customer referral program is dependent on 2 sides: the one who makes the referral and the other one who becomes the referral. So, offering rewards to both the parties is a sure shot way to increase the chances of referrals.

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