7 Reasons Why You Need a Patients Loyalty Program
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    You may inquire – why you need to implement a Patient Loyalty Program in your business ecosystem. Well, the reasons are simple – more customers and profit maximization.

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    Loyalty Program is a strategic marketing solution, which helps companies to focus on retaining customers and growing the number of new ones. The solution offers various benefits in the form of rewards. It also drives customer engagement, satisfaction, and brand credibility. Patient Loyalty Program is a proven method for enhancing the referral behavior and brings repeat business.

    Let’s discuss 7 reasons why loyalty program is important for your healthcare and ambulatory services.   

    1. Brings Innovation

    Once Patient Loyalty starts rolling, it can effectively improve everything from patient satisfaction to business relationships. It plays a pivotal role in generating more profit, better customer referrals, and an adequate return on investment. Patient Loyalty Program always considered being an effective marketing strategy for your healthcare business to grow.

    2. Increases Engagement

    Have you thought of engaging patients when they wait in the department for their turn before an appointment? Well, there is ample scope to market your brand which you should not miss out. The staffs can initiate a discussion with the patients regarding the loyalty program. It will turn out to be a major improvement in engaging them. Tell them the benefits of the program and unfold all the good features. The main idea should be to interact and engage your patients at every touch points.

    3. Patient Segmentation

    A Patient Loyalty program in place can help in segmenting the patients based on various criteria. Overall, the patients can be grouped into 3 distinct categories:
    – new patients
    – referral patients
    return patients.

    Once you segment the patients, set tiered rewards and also define a strategy pertaining to each group. This simple formula will give you a better idea of how your business is performing in terms of customer acquisition. Further, you can analyze and optimize the solution depending on the business goals.

    4. Transforms the Patients into your Sales Reps

    Word of Mouth marketing is perhaps the king of all techniques. People have a tendency to trust the recommendations of friends and family more than any other forms of advertisement. Provided your service is of top quality and satisfying for patients, you are bound to get referrals. And once you start getting so, incentivize the patients with lucrative rewards. Ensure from time to time, the patient continues to refer others and return. This way, indirectly the patients can turn out to be your sales reps by referring and bringing new customers. Hence, patient loyalty will always remain high.

    5. Costs Less for Advertisements

    The prime goal of loyalty marketing is to create future referring and retention. If you are providing an outstanding service and offering lucrative loyalty incentives, there is no reason you need to spend large sums on paid advertisements. Loyalty marketing is a more productive way to keep patients coming at your door repeatedly.  

    6. Motivates Staff

    Raising your eyebrows as to how is it possible? Well, it can be done with the help of Staff incentive programs. The more the staff refers or signups patients for the loyalty program, the higher the incentive they receive for doing so. The employees also feel engaged with the patient loyalty program. They will be awarded with various rewards for working hard. Office awards, recognizing top performers, the employee of the month, etc are certain conventional ways to reward employees for doing a great job. This phenomenon certainly increases Employee motivation and encourages them to perform persistently.

    7. Patients Love Loyalty Rewards

    Who doesn’t like receiving rewards! Patients who are coming to your healthcare unit repeatedly, will appreciate if you offer certain benefits to them. The benefits could be in the form of gifts, perks, discount in bills, coupons, free parking, preference in seeking appointments, free access to seminars, and many more.  

    With the aforementioned reasons, it is now evident that the importance of implementing a loyalty reward solution in your healthcare ecosystem cannot be ignored. To flourish in your business goals, implement a successful patient loyalty program.

    Whom will you consult with, in order to launch a Patient Loyalty solution for Healthcare organization?

    Obviously it’s NextBee. NextBee is specialized in developing customized Patient Loyalty program. The solution will be robust and scalable for any future integration of additional features and functionality.

    Keeping the businesses’ needs in mind, NextBee has developed a methodology that aims to improve loyalty programs. The application of this methodology is to ensure that every participant is approached in a way that drives increased conversion of referrals and leads. Known as the PACE Methodology, it covers the following aspects:

    Personal – Building personal relationships through active collaboration for increased positivity in responses.
    Adaptive – Adaptive to the needs and expectations of individual customers and target groups.
    Controlled – Strategy and design that incorporates analyzed data to promote effective response.
    Exciting – Ensuring that the customers find your program interesting and exciting, so as to reduce monotony and improve response.


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