Top Trends that Make B2B Loyalty Programs a Success
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  • You might have some customer withholding or loyalty program in place. Whatever is the case, you must consider bringing into practice some of these trends to make your B2B Loyalty Programs a success. Here we bring you top B2B Loyalty Programs trends:

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    Social Loyalty

    Social Loyalty has gained ground. ‘Social Badging’ is an entirely new thing for the clients’ programs. The people who participate in these programs receive ‘badges’ for attaining definite skills development and certificates to display on their social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, etc.  

    The Continued Learning and Enablement with Sales Incentives

    The blend of two elements: Learn & Earn with Sell & Earn, is the foundation of a successful B2B loyalty program. It helps the companies to accomplish their business objectives.

    Program Member Empowerment

    These days, the B2B loyalty programs enable the customers to use their well-merited points in the form of assets and give them the freedom to invest these points into their business and employee.


    More developments are observed in the gamification tactics to persuade e-learning, rejuvenate the participants and promote knowledge preservation.

    Coalition Programs

    These days more coalition partners are trying to get into sponsoring the channel loyalty programs. Under the influence of true partnership, the suppliers and channel partners work together to market together the learning prospects to increase sales performance.

    Text-Mining Tools

    With the advent of social loyalty and the importance of social media for loyalty programs, the customers have a lot of unstructured data like forum discussions, chat rooms, and the members’ reviews. This information can further help in managerial decision making.

    The Supremacy of Program Member Reviews and Reviewers 

    Customers these days are more into leaving reviews for the products and services they purchase or use. There will be an increase in this behavior among the loyalty program participants who will write online checks, increasing engagement.

    Bigger Print Budgets 

    Currently, the loyalty market is jam-packed with emails and digital communications, and thus it becomes gradually tougher to reach out. It makes the clients put in money for allocating massive budgets to print and substantial teaser items.

    Big Data and Predictive Analytics 

    The companies have massive data at their disposal related to their sales channels. Using the superior data analysis, you can analyze this data to establish the patterns and envisage the upcoming outcomes. 

    Thus, it is easy to forecast the business partner behavior with complete precision and dependability. It can significantly help in deciding on the loyalty programs.

    Programs are becoming ‘Global’

    B2B loyalty programs are intensifying into the local emerging markets. It indicates that the program engagement’s reach and intensity are becoming more local (personal) besides being global.

    NextBee specializes in developing a Loyalty Program that boosts customer retention and drives high-quality referrals. Implement a successful Loyalty Program in your business ecosystem.

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