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  • Integrate Employee Reward Program with Jobvite
  • For any organization, the employees are the most valuable asset and as it is rightly said, ‘People don’t buy products, they buy people’. Just like any other component of the business, the staff needs to be motivated, encouraged and supported for its success. Employees at all levels must be rewarded for their achievements and must be appreciated for their exceptional work. To help businesses with employee recognition, NextBee brings Employee Reward Program to reward employees and boost their morale. This Employee Reward Solution can be integrated with Jobvite and make things smooth for the organization.




    • New Candidate
    • New Employee
    • New Opportunity


    • Assign Reward Tier
    • Log Activity
    • Update Segment
    • Give Reward Points
    • Offer Rewards
    • Send Kudos
    • Send New Message
    • Update Message Sequence
    • Request Feedback
    • Assign a New Task
    • Track Sales Performance
    • Track KPIs




    Employee recognition is indispensable for stirring, retaining and completely engaging the employees. Recognition doesn’t essentially have to cost money to the organization. It rather goes further than a structured and defined process. It must be a part of business values. NextBee helps businesses ensure that the employees are contented and high in spirits with its Employee Reward Program. For a fresh implementation of a reward program with most-used Software Tools, NextBee is always there at your service. Feel free to contact us.


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