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  • Why marketing managers should consider implementing mobile applications?


    Moving away from the traditional methods can sometimes be daunting, but rewarding at the same time. One such thing in the recent time for enterprises has been to go mobile. Not only has it been the most effective ways to keep everything and everyone on the loop, but also it has served to be more engaging. Read our report on customer mobile apps here and find out more.

    The top priority for any marketing manager is to get high quality leads for their companies and run effective campaigns. Implementing mobile applications in this system will not only help in reaching out to your customers immediately, but will also help you keep a track on the number of leads, and revenues generated by that campaign.

    Research has shown that mobile applications are the most effective in keeping track of consumer behavior, preferences, analytics, revenue earned and so on. This feature helps brands to provide the best experience to their customers according to their needs and expectations. Go through our report to get a more in-depth idea on managing and storing large scale consumer data.

    Mobile applications help to produce a variety of structured and un-structured data that many brands should analyze and collect. One of the most important areas where mobile data is particularly valuable is within the contact center. Here, brands can compile contact information, interaction history across phone, chat, email, and social media, and so on, transaction information, providing a wealth of insight regarding consumer behavior. Businesses that analyze and aggregate this data are able to have 360-degree customer knowledge.

    Push notifications which can be sent via mobile applications also helps to keep your consumers engaged and aware of product information, upcoming events, new launches, and so on. The path of communication becomes easier, and consumers can provide their feedback to the brand for which they can be rewarded. Companies who turn to mobile apps for customer insights will be able to deliver a better consumer experience – personalized, timely and via the preferred engagement channel.

    Gamifying your business is another strategy which brands are successfully using to gain customer mindshare. Today, almost everyone uses emojis. With emojis booming on the person-to-person front, it’s no surprise that businesses have begun to incorporate them into their mobile strategies.

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