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  • 6 Must Read Articles on Customer Engagement
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    Customer engagement can be described as an emotional bond between a customer and a brand. Increasing customer engagement will also influence their buying behavior, demonstrate loyalty, and promote brand affinity. High quality customer experience is another key component of any customer engagement strategy. Research has shown that fully engaged customers have a tendency to bring 23% more revenue than average. When designing a customer engagement strategy it is crucial to keep it simple, clear, empathetic, with a sincere focus dedicated towards your client base. Creating a customer strategy while keeping in mind the needs and requirements of your customers will help your business flourish.

    Now let us read some interesting articles which standout for their brilliant insights.

    1. Using Gamification to Engage Your Brand Ambassadors

    Todd Patton wrote this excellent article on how gamification can be used to engage you consumers or your brand ambassadors. He reminds you that your customers can be your best brand ambassadors, as their word of mouth marketing is proven to bring more ROI than any other marketing platforms. As this article points out gamifying your referral and loyalty programs to engage your consumers is the latest popular trend to improve sales and bring in new members into your ever growing business family.

    1. 6 Strategies to Drive Customer Engagement in 2015

    We all need to understand that this is the age of the customers. Without understanding the   importance of their presence, any business cannot survive. Therefore it is crucial to give value to your consumers, more than what they expect or deserve. That constitutes of providing the best customer experience. This article gives you some of examples of successful businesses and their strategies to keep their customers happy, and drive their business growth.

    1. 3 Customer Engagement Strategies That Marketers Can’t Ignore

    This comprehensive and well written article by Natalie Chan will give you all the secret tips and tricks that will give a boost to your loyalty program. A simple read, and an even simpler strategy, it cannot get better than this. Read on to find out more about the three strategies that will help you win the business game in no time.

    1. Customer Experience vs. Customer Engagement — A Distinction Without a Difference?

    There is a fine line between customer experience and customer engagement. Understanding that difference is very important to give a direction to your strategies and implementing them properly. Read this article to identify the common mistakes that we make, and gain a complete insight on these two similar, but very different topics.



    1. Calculating the ROI of Customer Engagement

    Now that we have understood what customer engagement is, and the different strategies to implement it, we have to understand the value we are getting back from implementing the program. There are various ways to calculate the ROI of customer engagement. This article will give you detailed information on how you can keep your analytics updated and precise.

    1. Customer Engagement: Does Talking to a Human Still Matter?

    This is a valid question in today’s digital age, and this article answers it sharply. It reinforces the fact that there is no substitute for human to human interaction; the digital technology cannot yet take over it completely. Creating an emotional bond with your customers is absolutely necessary to create trust and brand loyalty.


    Customer engagement is truly one of the most emphasized divisions here at Next Bee , and all our clients are truly satisfied by implementing this program. You can further go through our different articles to gain further insights on this current popular trend.


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