Notable and Noteworthy Articles on Loyalty Marketing
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  • Loyalty programs these days are part and parcel of a comprehensive customer relationship management strategy. Loyalty marketing is not just about “rewards,” but it is much beyond that. We have to understand the fundamentals of integrating a successful loyalty program

    Developing creative loyalty programs by keeping in mind the needs and expectations of your consumer base will help change lifestyles and change attitudes and mindsets. 

    The Retail Doctor has excellent insights on retail loyalty marketing and is led by leading retail consultant expert, Bob Phibbs. 

    Their blog has the right mix of knowledge and trends that will help you design the best possible loyalty program for your brand and be relevant according to the changing marketing trends. 

    The first post that we will look into today is about designing the best loyalty program for your business. No two companies are alike; therefore, no two loyalty programs can be interchangeable. This article will give you an extensive idea of what works in a loyalty program to drive business and generate revenue

    Loyalty programs are all about your customers, so it is best to keep their interests and feedback in mind while designing them. That will enable the production of a successful loyalty program.

    What role does loyalty marketing play?

    Loyalty marketing promotes your brand towards success, but it needs a lot of investment. Sometimes it isn’t easy to keep track of the ROI of the marketing costs. 

    This post will help you calculate your ROI and decide whether investing in the amount is working for you. Giving your employees proper training is also crucial to maintain the numbers and keep track of them. It is because returns are not always measurable according to numbers. 

    This article is an interesting read on the current trends by which you can attract and engage your customers. Attracting new customers and converting them into lifelong loyal members are not easy tasks.

    But using your iPhone and videos can make this task a lot easier. Learn from this article several innovative ways to use this tool to promote sales and increase your ROI. Sometimes we get lost in such complex variables that we often forget about the simple tools that bring better results.

    Finally, this article is perfect for this time of the year, the holiday season. It is a brilliant article on attracting and converting new customers into lifelong loyal members. 

    People tend to spend more during the year, which is a fair chance for you to take that leap. And, you need to make the most out of the holiday season. 

    Providing the best buying experience, along with NextBee’s personalized rewards that serve as value tokens, will keep your customers coming back to you. 

    Personal connection with your brand is vital for any customer to consider making a business transaction with you in the future.

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