Notable and Noteworthy Articles on Loyalty Programs
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  • Loyalty programs have various functions but mainly has two key features. Firstly, they give consumers rewards for their brand loyalty. Secondly, they provide a wealth of information to the issuing firm.

    As your first sale matters, to continue your e-commerce business, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th sales matter more. To keep this a continuous process, implementing a loyalty program is very important, and giving your consumers the best experience is also crucial. 

    Keeping that in mind, Accenture Banking Blog has an archive of brilliant blogs from several market leaders to help you out with your own business. Their insight into digital marketing, loyalty programs, and the future of e-commerce is incredible. 

    The first article that is noteworthy in their collection is how loyalty programs effectively convert visitors to possible lifetime consumers. Not only is implementing loyalty programs important, but customer engagement and stellar customer service are equally important. 

    Without this, a consumer fails to remain committed for the long term. The article has the statistics of real consumers who have stayed committed to a brand for a long time versus those who did not. 

    It will help you gain insight into your company’s shortcomings and those that need reevaluation according to your consumers’ demands. 

    All About Loyalty Programs

    The “Digital Age” is also the “Age of the Customer.” Thus, the amalgamation of both is natural which leads us to this article. It explains the need for digital transformation to enhance the customer experience. Now the critical factor in enabling a positive digital change is to create a relevant customer experience across all touchpoints.  

    Hiring third parties will enable a smooth transition into a more user-friendly interface and better opportunities and a growing client base. With relatable examples and research answers, this article can be your best guide.

    Helping your customers beyond the primary business transaction has proven to be a great way of gaining trust and commitment in the long term. 

    Training your employees to handle these situations with good social skills is exceptionally crucial. This article shows you how you can engage and excite your consumers, and at the same time, provide them the knowledge they require to boost sales and business. 

    How loyalty program can grow your business?

    A new perspective is shared in this article, which is what every e-commerce chain needs to think about in this competitive and similar market. A new approach to the loyalty program can grow your business in no time.

    The banking sector has a different outlook on e-commerce loyalty programs. They are not the same, and cannot be the same because giving “vanilla rewards” not always entice a banking customer. 

    It is a well-illustrated article with easy to go through points that can be easily understood. Coming from a market leader also assures you that the methods that have been described here are dependable. 

    This article also tells us to not look at loyalty programs in an isolated way. But incorporate that as a part of any business and make it a part of your consumer’s everyday life. That is the path to success.

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