Communication is Foundation of Customer Retention Program
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  • Communication is an important activity developed by human beings since the age of Charles Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution.” 

    In the present day’s competitive and aggressive marketplace, communication is considered an adequate tool to interact with customers and keep them active within your business. Simultaneously, developments in the internet and mobile industry have made business communication even stronger over the years.

    From the perspective of customer retention campaigns, communication is essential for a multitude of tasks. Due to the rich interactive platforms of iOS and Android smartphones, more companies nowadays are adopting customer retention programs to target customers through their devices. 

    By employing administrative controls through integrated third-party CRMs or ESPs, interaction becomes more effective as it enhances the overall communication experience for both businesses and customers.

    Why is Communication Important for Customer Retention Program?

    The customer support system is an essential ingredient of any retention program, as it helps in bridging the gap between companies and their consumers. These days’ customers are wise and knowledgeable; hence they assess their companies on various factors before making purchases. The customer support system tops that chart of elements, as this method offers on-the-spot solutions to consumers. These services are provided through both voice and non-voice processes; that’s why an effective communication system is essential.

    An effective communication system of customer retention tools assists under-mentioned functions:

    • Address issues and queries of customers.
    • Announce essential updates of your customer retention program structure.
    • Intimation for the accumulation of rewards points.
    • Intimation regarding winning of rewards.
    • Send objective or task-related messages.
    • Creation of your business profile.

    Tasks Meant To Go Through Communication Process

    Customer retention tools are equipped with a robust communication system, enabling you to influence a few other essential features of your campaigns. Let’s get an idea of what these useful features can be:

    Creation and Assigning Task:

    By integrating CRMs, e.g., Salesforce, you can create tasks and assign them to customers with necessary information regarding accomplishments. You can streamline your campaigns through smartphones and connect your customers, even when they are on the go. Using this communication system, you can pass on instructions to customers regarding tasks, which ensures that they understand the tasks’ objectives.

    Intimation Regarding Winning of Rewards:

    Based on the engagement in loyalty activities, customers are likely to win rewards or reward points. Every efficient customer retention tools offer a transparent and fair rewards program. Therefore, to strengthen your plan’s authority, you can use a communication module to send intimations regarding winning rewards to customers.

    Program Updates:

    In rolling out a customer retention program, you always don’t hit the bull’s eye on the first go; therefore, you need to carry out various changes from time-to-time in your campaigns by applying A/B testing tactics. 

    Changes that you do can be for different program components. It includes rewards, reward conversion value, eligibility criteria for reward fulfillment, etc. It can easily be communicated to customers through interactive features upon enactment.

    Prompt Interactive Experience:

    Under various circumstances, your customers may need your assistance. Customers do not expect to have delays in response from the companies they regularly shop from. Therefore, you need a prompt interactive program, which helps you address customer queries earliest in the best possible manner.

    Above mentioned items is the acceptable illustration of facts that explains why communication plays an essential role in any customer retention program

    The main objective of any such program is to retain customers and motivate them for repurchases; hence, you must seriously consider interactive features of your campaigns. 

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