Loyalty Program Best Practices
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  • “Surprise and delight” is the newest approach in loyalty marketing that has proved very profitable. Loyalty program management is a process that requires detailed planning from beginning to implementation and further with maintenance. 

    In the context of a loyalty platform, care becomes crucial as changes in the market environment are very frequent, and accordingly, you need to equip or upgrade your loyalty campaigns correspondingly.

    MasterCard has always been a pioneer in putting up innovative ideas in its advertising campaigns. They recently developed a “Surprise and delight” concept and named it “Priceless Surprises.” This program’s primary aim was to connect with customers on social media backed by powerful jaw-dropping rewards. 

    Rewards such as a meeting with Justin Timberlake, entry to Gwen Stefani concert, select VIP tickets to The Grammies, etc., are sure to keep customers on their toes. This innovative idea is good enough to raise sales and profits for MasterCard.  

    Loyalty program software helps you interact with customers and importantly, provide insights into the customer behavior and their attitude towards your brand. 

    Here are some suggested readings to understand how loyalty programs transform your average business into a buzz word in your niche market. 

    Ideal Practices for an Effective Loyalty Program

    It is essential to understand that you need a personalized loyalty program that brings value to your business. Picking up any generic loyalty program management is not the solution you would experiment with for your business. 

    To create a successful loyalty program, you need to understand some ideal practices that help put pieces together to boost your marketing efforts. 

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    Simple and Straightforward Reward Structure:

    Believe it or not, if you want your customers to stay with your loyalty platform, it’s time you create a simple and straightforward reward structure, which is real, original, and looks achievable. Design an automated tiered reward structure that keeps your customers motivated. It should be as simple as passing present grades at schools and moving to the next one. 

    Task-Oriented Rewards:

    Develop rewards in terms of task accomplishments to boost customer engagement. You can club rewards with activities like account creation, purchasing high-value products, referring your business, sharing your brand on social media, etc. Merging rewards with such actions will boost your sales and brand promotion instantly.

    Innovation and Bold Thinking: 

    The market is the place with the highest amount of risk factors lingering over your business. Therefore, most business owners are skeptical about taking risks and following the traditional ways of the loyalty program. However, as the proverb goes, “Fortune favors the brave,” the ones who take risks with calculated innovations and bold thinking; enjoy the benefit of having a creative and unique loyalty program. 

    In recent times, Bud Light is one company, who has tried many innovative ideas. Their 2014 Super Bowl campaign was a hit and spread a buzz about their brand in the market. Now, their campaign #UpForWhatever is another example of innovative thinking, where they are picking up random drinkers and offering them all-star studded night out as rewards. Isn’t that cool!

    Collect Customer Insight:

    Customers, for any business, are like a messenger of God. They make purchases, refer your brand, boost your ROI, etc., to help establish your business. 

    Therefore, if you want steady growth of your business, better keep an eye on customer insights. Such data can help you analyze factors that are either causing failure or low productivity. 

    It also gives you details on the highpoints of your business. Having such data at your discretion can help you in making decisions for your loyalty program management.

    Focus Should Be On Customer:

    Remember one thing, customers are the most important entity of any business, and the focus of your loyalty campaigns should be around them.

    Every customer these days loves to be treated special, and therefore your total concentration in the context of a loyalty program should be on them. Instead of developing product-based campaigns, create simple and customer-friendly ones. 

    Differentiate Your Program:

    When you plan to launch loyalty program software, there are fair chances of competition there. Ensure your plan doesn’t look very generic and must-have features that differentiate it from other available loyalty programs in the market. Here innovation and bold thinking can earn extra miles for you.

    Maintain Simplicity:

    Simplicity is still a prevalent and powerful word. In loyalty program software, clarity relates to the layout, design, program features, rules, conditions, rewards options, etc. Therefore, simplicity should reflect your schedule to make user engagement easier, which has positive results on your ROI.

    Call to Action: 

    It is an essential aspect of any loyalty program. You might have created one of the best loyalty programs in terms of design and features, but you can’t avoid writing a strong “Call to Action”. 

    It politely asks customers to take action. Many companies have used Call to Action for giving appropriate instruction to customers for taking action like “Click Here,” “Join Us,” “Sign Up,” etc. These small phrases play a crucial role in tempting customers to engage with your program. 

    The above list is a brief glossary of the best features for the loyalty program. For a more comprehensive understanding of the loyalty program, read other posts on our blog

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