Why NextBee Wins Against the Competition to Be the Best Customer Loyalty Software
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  • Nurturing customer relationships is one of the most important aspects these days, many companies are taking seriously. Developing a program to nourish customer relationship require a thorough understanding of consumers. Customer loyalty software can be the best solution to address issues of developing customer relationships for your business. 

    NextBee’s customer loyalty management software powered by the PACE concept is a suitable answer for maintaining a robust consumer retention program. PACE concept offered by NextBee is developed on customizable features that provide personal, adaptive, controlled, and excitement attributes to your consumer engagement program. 

    To understand how our program works, download Nextbee’s PACE document. 

    Nextbee PACE document

    Why NextBee is Ahead of Competitors in Developing Customer Loyalty Software

    The systematic approach of NextBee in solving marketing objectives in a personalized manner helps you manage loyalty campaigns based on findings of useful customer data. While doing that, make sure that every business meets its goals and work to retain consumers in lasting relationships.  

    Let’s understand brief details of features, attributes, and tools that NextBee uses to build customer loyalty for your brand.

    NextBee’s approach to developing online customer loyalty software revolves around the PACE concept. Personal, Adaptive, Control and Exciting features are four aspects that have a suitable acronym coined as PACE.

    Personal Approach: 

    This aspect is concerned with developing a personalized program according to your business objectives. In this phase, NextBee’s complete emphasis is on creating tools, processes, and resources to build online customer loyalty software so that your program retains your business’s basic methodology and idea.

    Remember, offering personal experiences attract your customers and encourage them to share your brand through various online platforms such as social media, email marketing, etc.

    • Create personalized activities for customer engagement.
    • Identify customer preferences and relevant offers.
    • Develop an attractive and engaging program to retain customers.

    Adaptive Approach:

    Adaptability to change according to market demands and consumer’s attitude is essential for sustenance in competition. NextBee’s adaptive approach strengthens your customer loyalty software by inline tracking and in-depth analysis of your brand’s user behavior and attitude. 

    • Bring changes and modifications according to changes in your business objectives.
    • Track user actions to identify features that are preferred by customers.
    • Create design and program functionalities to match user preferences.

    Controlled Approach: 

    The ability to control your program features puts you in the driver’s seat from where you can manage your online customer loyalty software as per convenience. NextBee platform allows you to enjoy maximum control of various program attributes for managing users in the best possible way. 

    • Track and analyze user activities to control program features.
    • Control incentive structure to instigate desired user behavior.
    • Guarantee users about the privacy of their personal information.

    Exciting Approach: 

    This approach is merely essential because every user expects special treatment from service providers. Excitement factors of your program engage your customers effortlessly with customer loyalty management software. NextBee’s experience provides you complete support to maintain your plan’s excitement, which is crucial for engaging users in engagement activities.

    • Maintain fun, intuitiveness, and freshness of your program.
    • Combine analyzed data and features to create exciting program features.
    • Bring user data and feedback into account to identify exciting reward options.

    NextBee Advantages

    NextBee helps you to create an attractive program from scratch by using online customer loyalty software and, at the same time, offer support to maintain various features of your campaigns. Its advantages can be categorized into: 

    PACE Principles and Methodological Approach:

    With NextBee, you get components of PACE principles integrated into your program in the most methodological approach to building a better loyalty platform. 

    PACE concept ensures your marketing campaigns directly relate to your customer’s expectations and preferences. This methodology of developing an engagement solution is based on your consumers’ anticipation and thereby lend you an edge over competitors.

    Platform Features: 

    NextBee helps you with a wide range of program features to build the most attractive and effective customer retention campaigns. 

    The platform features exciting widgets, inline tracking, promotions and configurable challenges, auto-responders and auto-triggered messages, integrated gamification activities, social media and cross channel sharing, segmentation of users, etc. Empowers your campaigns and indulge users in desired actions.

    Rewards Integration Options: 

    Quality reward options attract and inspire users for engagement. Therefore, NextBee offers rewards integration features based on the PACE concept, which helps you to achieve a flexible rewards structure

    Integrated features such as user segmentation, assigning rules for rewards, auto-monitoring of reward-points and fulfillment, status updates of rewards, progressive tiered structure, unlimited reward options, etc. Support your efforts to engage your customers on a transparent and logical rewards platform. 

    Our Technical Expertise and Robust Platform: 

    NextBee estimates your business objectives and builds a platform with features like smart offers, gamification activities, inherently social modules, actionable insights of customer preferences, and extensible features to meet customer expectations. Our robust platform helps you manage fun and interactive program for customer retention and brand promotion.

    Our Service Focus:

    NextBee has always focused on offering complete support to customers in developing their programs. 

    Our dedicated team of account managers monitors your campaigns very closely and keeps bringing new ideas for your customer loyalty program. We are accessible 24×7 through various modes to address your issues instantly.  

    Above all, if you aren’t familiar with the above technical aspects of customer loyalty software, learn it yourself from the “Definitive Reference Guide to Successful Loyalty Program

    You can also schedule a one-to-one demo with NextBee’s technical consultants. They will explain how the loyalty program is useful for your business.

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